The Eldritch Tales

The Eldritch Tales

An anthology of comics inspired by the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos.
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The Eldritch Tales features 10 amazing short comics set in the universe created by H.P. Lovecraft. These tales are sure to frighten and horrify you at every turn. Each one has been created by a different writer and artist team and they are chilling tales of horror and intrigue that only Lovecraftian stories can provide. 

Check out a few of the stories below.

The Shadow Beyond Time by Alberto Valesco

Optics by Cabbage Comics

A Vast Emptiness - Story by David Allen and Art by Schlepzig



David Allen has been a freelance journalist, comic book writer, and educator, and has written short stories, poetry, and comics books under various pen names. A lifelong fan of comic books, video games, and pop culture, he currently co-hosts The Nerd Byword Podcast and continues to tell stories. Find his work on the web ( and on social media (@thatnerddave).

Ben Lacy - An engineer by training, a comic book creator by choice, Ben is best known for the comic book series Shark of War, SAMSON, The Cthulhu Man, and The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga. You can get all his books at  He's very excited to share this Shark centric view of the Eldritch in The Long Memory of A Very Old Shark.

Ben Humeniuk is a comic creator and educator whose works include the YA graphic novella BRO-D CAN'T BE BROKEN, the Middle Grade STEM-oriented Magnificent Makers series, and the MG fantasy series Waking Life. His works primarily center on outsiders and screw-ups who either get better with the help of community‚Äď or who languish in isolation. Ben loves to write, draw, color and letter his own work, ultimately seeking to create stories that compel while encouraging empathy and understanding. He lives in the Houston, TX area with his wife and three children.

Patrick A. O'Driscoll is a writer, narrative designer, and professional keyboard goblin. He graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Master's Degree in writing, and has written for video games, tabletop role-playing games, cartoons, and comic books. This will be his first print debut, but you can find his work  in "The Bekkoning: Born Slippy" and "Burgerpunk." He currently works as a scriptwriter for Hoyoverse.

Writer - Christoff RDGZ - Chilean creator established in Spain, former Comic event producer, co-founder of Salón del Cómic de Navarra, commonly known for his large focus on Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pulps. Some of his more recent credits include publishers from the US, the UK, Italy and Spain. Currently, he is working on some upcoming creator-owned projects, combining it with several shorts stories for different anthologies.

David  Escobar - Young talent from Colombia, David is the winner of Mad Cave Talent Search 2020. With dynamic storytelling and incredible camera shots, his visual style is in constant growth, always evolving and clearly oriented to the imaginary of each specific story. With a clean line in his pencils and impeccable inks, little by little he will incorporate color, as it has been the case of "Rotten Heritage."

Wyatt Billingsley was born and raised in Colorado, despite his desire to be born on Tatooine. A life-long admirer of superheroes, sci-fi, and all things that made it so easy to be bullied, he grew up to be a writer of the things he always loved. The creator of "I Punch Monsters" and now part-time letterer, Wyatt gives his soul to comics and longs for the day they give everything back!
Jorge Luis Gabotto - I am an Argentine illustrator and writer, I was born in a tourist city off the Atlantic coast, Mar Del Plata. I have always liked to narrate, and I did it whenever I had the opportunity, from telling a movie, singing a song or simply telling a joke. The comic, for me, is the concretion of many arts together, a stylistic peak that combines several languages for the narrative. The comic is drawing, a plastic expression evocative of techniques such as perspective, color management, the human figure, etc. And the comic is literature, narrative, climates, tensions and beauty in words. The comic is cinema, it is movement, it is lights and cameras that play roles from the reader-spectator complicity. Are a lot of things. I approach you with the intention of introducing you to something of my world, because by making stories it is impossible to get rid of ourselves.

David Thomas is a comic book writer from Wales. His work as been published by The 77 and  Rebellion in the UK and numerous USA Publishers.

Alberto Velasco is a Mexican cartoonist who dreamed of becoming one since age 4. His previous projects include Electric Dreams, Rocky Lives, Robo-, Heart Taker, Death Securers, It Spells Change, and Beyond the Shadow of Time. He is currently working on his b&w comic Harvester of Dreams which is being published for free on his GlobalComix page. ( You can also find Alberto on Instagram and Threads (@albertvelascoart), or on Twitter (@mrAlbertVelasco).

Robert Kirkpatrick is a fan of authors such as Philip K. Dick, George Orwell, and H.P. Lovecraft. He came of age in the 80s; European comics impacted the style of work he wanted to create. Comics has been his quiet hobby his whole life and he hopes you enjoy this one. Robert is a freedom advocate and can be found on the Nostr, a decentralized network protocol.

Christa Harader is a comic and prose writer, editor and communications professional living in the California Bay Area. Their work can be found in the Color of Always anthology, the Femme Fatale anthology, and in various other publications. They have a B.A. in English Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing. They blog about horror films, comics and pulp lit in their spare time. Knowledgeable Cabbage Comics

Bayleigh Underwood is a comic artist and illustrator based in North Carolina who specializes in inking big actions and big emotions. They have illustrated multiple comics and graphic novels including It Took Luke, Ravenloft: Orphan of Agony Isle, and Nature’s Labyrinth. They have also done covers for Goosebumps comics and Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted.Christa Harader, EIC

Pareefae is a comic artist, illustrator and character designer. She has worked on successful comic anthologies and frequently incorporates her cultural heritage into her imagery.
While not working on art, she enjoys playing video games and binging tv shows.

Kamiab is a writer, game designer, and narrative designer. He has worked on multiple comic book projects and his love for horror is only rivaled by his love for stories.

Carlo Tessandro is a Brazilian storyteller, translator and comics writer. He has published several short stories in Brazilian anthologies. As a translator, he worked on titles like Conan the Barbarian and Judge Dredd published in Brazil. As a writer, he published a comic story in the North American magazine Heavy Metal in 2015 and several others in indie publishers in the US and UK.


The Last Prophet by Benjamin Humeniuk

The Long Memory of a Very Old Shark by Ben Lacy

Parental Guidance - Story by Lee Gooden and Art by Tony Killustrator

Tales of the Mad Arab by Kamiab and Pareefae



Blood over Snow by Carlo Tessandro and Rom Freire


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Tales of the Mysterious by Dave Thomas and Andrew Richmond


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Rotten Heritage by Chris RDGZ

Manor of Madness by LK Igino and David Hutajulu


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