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Project Update: New Design Reveal - 1000 Backer Achievement Goal - 8 Hours Left!

Hey everyone,

There is just about 8 hours left in the campaign! Thank you all so much for supporting this campaign, it's now my most successful pin campaign run on BackerKit crowdfunding!

1000 Backer Achievement Goal

If we reach 1000 backers than each pledge with come with one free extra pin, of your choosing, from any of the unlocked designs. Yesterday when I posted that goal we were over 100 backers away, and I called the goal "a little out there". Clearly I was wrong because ya'll pulled up and as I'm writing this we're just 6 backers away from reaching that goal.

Keep in mind the referral program where you can get two free pins for referring a friend, and now, if we reach 1000 backers you'll get another free pin on top of that. For information about the refer a friend program please read the previous update.

New Designs

Two new designs have been added since we last added the Library Pins.

The Do Not Disturb pin is modeled after a hotel door hanger and features headphones, a book, and an e-reader, because regardless of how we consume our books, we want to be left alone to read in peace!

The Roses are Red pin features a baroque style frame border, and a little smut poem for all the romance readers out there. One thing to keep in mind with this pin is the way it's constructed. This pin is essentially two pins faceted together, which means this pin is thick. Due to the sanding and polishing process of enamel pins the die struck 3d part has to be made separately from the enamel and screen printed part. If you order this pin just keep in mind that it will be thicker and heavier than your average pin.

As of right now these are the last two designs of the campaign. I have an idea for another pin, but I don't know if it will be included or not. However, the success of this campaign could mean that later this year we might launch Ink & Enamel 2, because I still have so many book/reading related designs I want to make.

If we reach 1000 Backers, each pledge will receive one free extra pin, of your choosing, from all unlocked designs. (One free pin per pledge)
Goal: 1,000 backers reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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