The Land of Eem Box Set

What comes in the box set?

* Land of Eem: Core Rulebook Hardcover + PDF
* Land of Eem: Bestiary Vol. 1 Hardcover + PDF
* Land of Eem: The Mucklands Sandbox Setting Hardcover + PDF
* 22" x 22" Mucklands foldout map game board + PDF
* Deluxe game box
* All digital stretch goals (Book of Random Encounters PDF, Online Random Generators, Mucklands Explorer's Guide PDF, plus other art and adventure modules!)
* All physical stretch goals (Bard Meeple, Dungeoneer Meeple, Gnome Meeple, and more to unlock!)

The Core Rulebook (approx. 200 pages)

The Core Rulebook is an easy to use, easy to learn book that contains everything you need to begin play. It's packed with rules and resources that encourage players to be creative and ease the burden on GMs. It contains tons of random tables for GMs to generate flavorful Land of Eem content, with preparation or on the fly.

  • 16 playable Folk
  • 6 Classes
  • Robust rules for travel and exploration
  • Simple, fast, satisfying rules for conflict and combat
  • Deep crafting system with hundreds of discoverable components
  • 216 Random Encounters
  • Select Adversaries 
  • 200 Magic Items
  • 50 Relics
  • 400 Mundane Items 
  • 100 Curses 
  • 100 Boons 
  • 100 Spells 
  • Random Dungeon Tables: 100 Adversaries, 100 Traps, and 100 Puzzles
  • Random Town Table 
  • Random Tavern Table 
  • Random NPC Table 
  • Random Location Aspects to spice up environments and conflicts 

The Bestiary (approx. 180 pages)

Land of Eem is chock full of original and classic fantasy foes, each with an unusual spin on traditional tropes. While the core rulebook includes a select handful of adversaries, the Bestiary contains those and many more—all illustrated in full color.

  •  Approx. 180 pages
  • 160+ Creatures, Critters, and Creepers
  • Super simple stat blocks
  • Unique, succinct abilities to make GMing painless
  • Advice on how to roleplay them during social encounters and run them during combat

The Mucklands Sandbox Campaign Setting (approx. 400 pages)

The Mucklands Sandbox Campaign Setting is an expansive hexcrawl sandbox filled with hundreds of locations, NPCs, quest hooks, and rumors for players to pursue. The Mucklands Sandbox is almost entirely system-neutral, so GMs can use it with any RPG system or simply as inspiration for their own campaigns.

  • Approx. 400 pages
  • 6 Regions with unique biomes
  • 100+ Locations (Settlements, Sites, Zones, Points of Interest, and Lairs)
  • 450+ NPCs (all with illustrations)
  • 30+ Factions
  • 500+ Rumors
  • 250+ Quests and Quest Hooks
  • 50+ Heroic Titles that characters can earn

The Map Game Board (22" x 22")

Explore the Land of Eem with robust travel rules that will take characters across a beautifully illustrated hex map. 

The Game Box

Keep all the books and extras in one place with this deluxe game box! 

The Stretch Goal Meeples

Bard, Dungeoneer, and Gnome (with more to be unlocked!)

* all other digital and physical stretch goals will also be included in this pledge level!

The Land of Eem Box Set

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