Ben Costa
almost 2 years ago

Project Update: Fifth stretch goal UNLOCKED!

Citizens of Eem! Backers! Heroes of the realm!

We did it! We’ve hit the 150k milestone, and are adding a Bard meeple in all his tiny glory to the Box Set! But this is no ordinary bard–this is Rickety Stitch (and the Gelatinous Goo), heroes of our fantasy graphic novel series. Now you can gallivant across the Mucklands map in style and regale your fellow players with imaginary tunes.

We have come so far together, friends, but there are miles still yet to go! The next milestone unlocks at 175k where we have a special surprise in store for you. JP Coovert, cartoonist, illustrator and designer extraordinaire, will write and illustrate an Adventure PDF filled with wacky Hijinks for your table. What might be in this adventure you ask? Well, I am pretty sure we should keep that a surprise, but since we like you so much, here is what we can share.

Pirates! Treasure! Skeletons! Ghosts! And hermit crabs?

Whew, that was a lot! Probably said more than we should have. Ah well… Until the next update, adventurers, be safe out there in the Mucklands.

--The Land of Eem Team





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