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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Loyal Chum Meeple UNLOCKED! Next up at 240K is an Adventure Module by Luke Gearing!

Surprised Skeletons! Backers! Gasping Gnomes!

Great magical burritos, that was quick! We’ve unlocked the 230k milestone, The Loyal Chum meeple! Soon they will be placed in the physical box sets and await grand adventures across the Land of Eem with their other meeple friends. 

Loyal Chum Meeple

With the loyal chum unlocked It feels like the set of meeples is nearly complete. Could that be because we only have one left? Indeed, friend. But first, we have another milestone to unlock. Is it possible that we could dive into the darkness with Luke Gearing in another adventure? Luke is a prolific master of the creepy TTRPG arts and will bring to life our very first Doom and Gloom adventure PDF for this campaign, but only if we hit the next milestone at 240k.

Luke Gearing, Adventure Module Author

What spooky and evil things await your table in Luke’s adventure? Well, let me give you a hint: dastardly serpents searching for a lost relic and an order of welkin guardians who stand in their way!

I can feel an evil laugh brewing in my chest, adventurer. Before I go off to cackle about my imaginary misdeeds, we want to thank you for your pledges in these final hours of the campaign. It fills us with joy to bring you this world and we simply cannot wait until you can play this game with your friends. As we said many times in these updates, we simply could not do that without you.

Until the next update, we’re off to go have an evil chuckle about some Eem-ish mayhem.

Goal: $230,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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