Ben Costa
about 1 year ago

Project Update: Happy Holidays Year End Update!

Happy holidays! The past few months have been super busy on our end, editing all the books, working on art, and prepping for layout! 

We’re excited to share the Land of Eem Core Rulebook manuscript with you all! (UPDATE: the document is no longer available to check out! Thanks to all who gave their feedback!)

We’d love to get extra eyes on it for any pesky typos and the like, so please leave comments in the doc or head to our Discord! The manuscript will be up and available to check out for two weeks until January 6th, and then it will be heading into layout.

Speaking of layout, the Mucklands sandbox book is well underway, and it is a beast! Here are a couple sneak peeks, including some town maps by artist Moreno Paissan.

We are super excited with how everything is shaping up and can’t wait to share the PDFs with you sometime next year when everything goes to print!

Your Pals, 
The Eem Team





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