Ben Costa
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Land of Eem is FUNDED!

FUNDED in 29 Minutes and the first $50k stretch goal has just been unlocked! Thank you so much for backing Land of Eem! We are blown away by the response. 

FYI, we’ve created a new $1 Follow Along tier for folks who only want to purchase add-ons after the campaign.

Thanks to all of your support, everyone (except the Follow Along Tier) will receive the Book of Random Encounters PDF

What’s in the Book of Random Encounters PDF?

1,500 total random encounters to spice up travel and kick-start creativity. There are 250 encounters per region in the Mucklands Sandbox Setting. And there are 3 categories of encounters: Dangerous, Perilous, and Discoveries. Will you run afoul of a just awakened vampire, or have a nice picnic lunch with a friendly gnome?

Thanks again for all your support, excitement and comments. Onward toward the next stretch goal!

--The Land of Eem Team





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