Advanced Armory 2nd Edition

Advanced Armory 2nd Edition

A series of card-based expansions for tabletop action RPG boardgames. We can offer equipment, armor, weapons, potions, and magic items. We have a treasure deck for looting dungeons, and even an evil wizard deck to keep those dungeons fun and challenging.
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Welcome to the Advanced Armory!

Welcome to the Advanced Armory, an independent collection of D6-style expansion products compatible with games like HeroQuest... well as other D6 RPG style boardgames. Our cards have also found a lot of use with numerous homebrew systems. Though not specifically designed for D20, our decks convert to those systems with a minimum of fuss. We are adding a chapter to our guidebook that will assist with that conversion. Whatever your game system, there is something for every manner of hero (and evil wizards) in this collection, so feel free to explore!

ARMORY is a collection of weapons, armor, artifacts, and other cards that represent the various adventuring assets we know and love.

These decks has been designed primarily with newbies, casual gamers, younger gamers, and all manner of visual learners in mind. At the same time, veteran heroes will find everything they might need or could want. We have done our best to provide a significantly wider variety of equipment and a much more satisfying hero advancement experience for most types of players. 2nd Edition is the Standard format, which means it retains all of the original game mechanics of the original with minimal refinement.


Alchemist Shop was our original offering, do you need potions? We have them for you! 
We are releasing Alchemist Shop I and Alchemist Shop II as two separate 55-card decks. Both decks will contain enough cards to accommodate a 5-player game for a moderate-length campaign. Each deck will be funded separately.


Loot The Room is a new deck that includes treasure, traps, hazards, and monsters.

Everything you need to run a classic, expanded, and/or advanced campaign. The original deck was forged years ago in the classic format. Since the release of Advanced Armory, we have reforged it into something new and awesome!


The Dreadening is stacked with new ways for you to torment your do-gooding players with! Finally, some love for the game masters and evil wizards! 

The Dreadening has been completely reworked with all new art, and massively expanded with deadly enhancements for the dungeon, monsters, and introduces new mini-bosses, and newly minted Boss Monsters! These dreadful additions to the evil legions even come with skills and spells to give them a fighting chance at defeating the foul heroes.


ARMORY Masterclass Decks

For gaming groups who crave more structure and granularity, we can offer our Masterclass decks. This collection will be broken up into two 110-card decks, one dedicated to weapons and one to armor and accessories.

We are working with Baron of Dice to produce Battle Dice!

Our battle icons match those seen on our cards, giving you a consistent Advanced Armory experience on your tabletop. Our goal is to produce up to nine different color variations, and themed after our signature special materials! For you evil wizards, we will offer UV (glow-in-the-dark) Dreadening dice. For everybody else who don't need no fancy colors, we're offering classic white (with a matt finish) as part of our initial funding effort (see below for more details).

"We produce bubble-free, hand-swirled dice, that are properly balanced and at a gaming-quality weight. Our dice are the global gold standard for competitive wargaming and can be found on tabletops all over the world."  ~ The Baron

You can find our latest update on our Battle Dice on our YouTube channel!

Keep scrolling for more details about this exciting project!



We are offering a special foil promo card in the spirit of Halloween. Early Birds (all non-NPC backers) who join us during the first 48 hours will receive The Pumpkin King promo for free. This card will be printed using a premium ultra-smooth black-core cardstock, a gold foil finish (including an all-gold foil border), and have gold gilted edges. 

  • This promo will become a paid add-on after the early bird window has closed. If you are late to the quest, or want extra copies, it will be available for the duration of the campaign.

For those rare birds returning to us from our 2014 Kickstarter, Dungeon Ravenstein, we are offering a modest selection of classic DR cards reforged as Advanced Armory cards. All returning (non-NPC) backers will receive a set of these special bonus cards for free. 

  • For all other (non-NPC) backers, this set will be available as a paid add-on after the Early Bird window closes.

Battle Dice, Classic White - Available Now!

What pairs well with awesome cards? Awesome dice!
  • Available immediately upon launch! 
  • Full set of 6 dice (D6)
  • 16mm Square in Classic White with a luxurious matt finish.

Dungeon Hazards: Tiles - Available Now!


We have a full set of dungeon tiles that was meant as part of a complete Dungeon Hazard expansion. Unfortunately, getting these mass-produced has proven too expensive. So we are offering them as a made-to-order addon. If we do well enough in the campaign, we can revisit the possibility of a production run.

You can also see a full video preview of Dungeon Hazards on YouTube.

** Limited to 130 copies at launch! During the campaign, if there is a demand, we can work more tile sets into the stretch goals amounts. **

Dreadening (UV) Battle Dice: Add-On Unlocked!

Game masters and evil wizards can now add a set of 6 UV (glow in the dark) Dreadening Dice as an add-on for only $12.


Digital Rewards

All of our decks are available NOW as digital add-ons!

Do you like digital copies of your rewards? Do you prefer (or require) digital rewards instead of physical rewards? We now have you covered! Pick and choose which decks you want, or grab the Wave 1 Digital Bundle!

Would you like a digital copy of the entire First Edition collection (over 750 cards)? Grab the First Edition Digital Bundle!  You can review all of First Edition here and here.

Never heard of Dungeon Ravenstein? We are offering our original maps from 2014 in digital form. You can get a peak at them here.


Community Achievements: Advanced Armory “Blanks”

One of the best aspects of our hobby is customization. Inspired by our personal favorites, like classic Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity, we are adding Advanced Armory “Blanks” to our range.
Throughout the campaign, we will be setting milestones that will unlock blank versions of our cards. The front of the cards are simple parchment, and the card backs will match our decks. Use these blanks any way you like, and create your own custom cards to add to your Advanced Armory decks. These blanks can be added to decks where there is still room to add them and will be included as extra singles.

  • Throughout the campaign there will be a variety of milestones we can use to unlock these blank cards. You can find these in the Achievements tab in the Community section.

Funding Roadmap

Okay folks, this is the final version of our Roadmap!

  • Fund the manufacture of ARMORY Standard deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of ARMORY Upgrade deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Classic White Battle Dice. FUNDED!!
  • Fund the manufacture of Dungeon Hazard Tiles.

  • Fund the manufacture of Alchemist Shop I deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Dwarven Battle Dice.

  • Fund the manufacture of Alchemist Shop II deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Elven Battle Dice.

  • Fund the manufacture of Loot the Room deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Mithril Battle Dice.

  • Fund the manufacture of The Dreadening deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Dark Mithril Battle Dice.

  • Fund the manufacture of ARMORY Masterclass: Weapons deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Shadowsteel Battle Dice.

  • Fund the manufacture of ARMORY Masterclass: Armor & Accessories deck.
  • Fund the manufacture of Bloodsteel Battle Dice.

  • Fund the manufacture of Lavasteel Battle Dice.
  • Add an additional 25 new monsters to the Dreadening deck.

  • Fund the manufacture of the 5x8 Softcover Guidebook.

Once we've made it this far, we have more stretch goals hiding in the dungeon...



We are teaming up with Easyship to ship rewards during fulfillment. 

When you choose your regional pledge level, shipping to that region is included in the amount.
  • United States - $15 USD
  • UK/Australia - $25 USD
  • Canada & New Zealand - $30 USD
  • Europe - $40 USD  (Spain, France, Germany, Sweden) 
    • Puerto Rico should use this pledge level.
  • Asia & South America - $50 (China, Japan, South Korea, and more)

* All International Shipping does NOT include taxes, duties, VAT, or other fees associated with imported goods.

** We cannot ship to an active warzone. If your region is in conflict, we cannot send you physical rewards.

*** If you are unsure which pledge level to use for your region, please ask us and we can find out for you. As additional countries need to be accommodated, we will add them here.


The road so far...

Last year, we put together the Advanced Armory, a series of card-based expansions for use with our favorite D6 dungeon diving and heroic questing tabletop games. These decks were made available for print-on-demand and found themselves being shipped all around the world. We've learned a lot since our initial release, and it's time to refine our collection, and make them even more accessible!
As far as the changes to Advanced Armory as we transition to the 2nd edition, we have streamlined the original library (removed bloat and excessive redundancies), updated card design and some of the art, and made some balance and quality of life changes to game mechanics based on community feedback.

Our primary goal is to fund a print run of the Advanced Armory line of new decks. They will be printed on Blue Core 280 GSM card stock with a linen texture and a gloss varnish finish. The final product should look and feel just right. The bulk of the cost is manufacturing and shipping, there is also licesning fees for art assets, software, legal fees, taxes, and lots of other boring expenses. Ironically, its cheaper having hobbies than it is running a business.

We already have the initial digital work 95% done on all four decks. Throughout the campaign, we will provide links to our online preview galleries of each deck/addon we unlock. The first edition guidebook is online now on our website and can be accessed at any time for free. The same will go for the 2nd edition guidebook, once it's ready.

We will be open to backer feedback for the duration of the campaign. Browse the galleries. Download our existing guidebooks. Test out the game mechanics with your groups, and bring us all the feedback you can muster before we go to print!

Print-on-demand is expensive and often includes a weeks-long lead time. Coupled with the original high card count, 1st edition was expensive to collect. We tried to mitigate this by breaking the setup into smaller blocks.  This year, we aim to get a physical production run of a revised edition of the Advanced Armory! The cost reduction is HUGE (even at retail post-fulfillment). Another benefit of having physical products on hand is no more long print queues. Instead, order your deck from an online vendor (i.e. Etsy) and it ships immediately!

Anything we do not fund for production will be released for Print-On-Demand. While 1st Edition products are going away, we will put up any unfunded cards/decks on and possibly They won't be as cheap as physical products on our shelves, but they will eventually be available to order no matter how this plays out.

Risks & Rewards

Content Creation
  • Our digital wizard and writer has decades of experience creating tabletop content. Everything from cards to maps to documentation. He published an adventure module for Pathfinder 1.0 for Darkraven Games in 2014, as part of our first crowdfund. 
  • Prior to working on this campaign, we did as much of the work as possible ahead of time. All but the Masterclass decks are complete (baring any minor tweaks or bug fixes). All that is left to do is plug them into the printer's templates and submit them. Masterclass is roughly 50% complete. The 2nd edition guidebook has been outlined, but we're waiting on this one until after the campaign in case we're adding any additional chapters/content that might get funded.
  • Oh, there is the art for the product packaging. We don't have those templates yet, but we have the art assets ready to go for when we do get them. This part is not completed, but it is very easy.

Manufacturing & Shipping to FHCS
  • This will be the longest part of this journey.
  • Our card (and hopefully book) vendor will be They have impeccable reviews for quality and customer service, and our dealings with them so far have given us enough confidence to proceed with our campaign. As for the dice, the same can be said for the Baron of Dice. If you are a customer or have witnessed the quality of their dice in person, you will understand why we approached them to make our battle dice.
  • The printer's factory is in China. World events at the moment are somewhat spicy, but at this time this does not appear to be interrupting manufacturing efforts in that country. Manufacturing for a product like ours will be fast, and the lion's share of the wait will be shipping. The estimated print and ship time is 6-8 weeks after we submit our files.
  • Reviews for the Baron of Dice are excellent, both for their standard sets and custom work. Customer service so far has been incredible. The dice will be coming to us from within the USA, so shipping is very reasonable. The manufacturing time for dice is quite a bit longer than the cards, however. 10-12 weeks once the order has been placed. We were told that they could do multiple runs at a time, so that should help.

  • We will do our picking and packing ourselves, the Easyship helps coordinate the postal services/carriers from there. We will do as much of the work ourselves as possible, and not fall into the trap of overeager expansion. Our #1 goal is FULFILLMENT FIRST. Then, once all rewards are out for delivery, we can look at ourselves and pursue what opportunity awaits with what resources remain. 
  • Giving an estimate here is next to impossible at this time. How long to complete fulfillment, once we have our rewards in from the manufacturers, depends on many variables. We will have a lot of time to research, prep, deal with errors and complications, etc. All of that will be very helpful when it comes time to start picking orders, so we anticipate this will go very smoothly when crunch time arrives. That said, we will keep everybody in the loop with updates along the way.
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