Unusual Frog Plushies: Vol 2

Unusual Frog Plushies: Vol 2

Frog Tree is back with a new collection of six unusual frog plushies with matching pins and stickers!
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of $3,500 (CAD) goal

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Hi! Thanks so much for checking out my backerkit project for six new froggy plushies + pins! My name is Laura, I run Frog Tree and this will be my eighth crowdfunding campaign! Thank you so much for checking out my campaign! :)

Before we get into the details, here is why you should consider supporting this campaign!
  • Every backer gets a free campaign exclusive enamel pin with every pledge!
  • Earlybird and Backerkit exclusive pricing on both plushies and pins! 
  • Get your hands on these froggies before anyone else! 
  • Participate in helping me, Laura the artist behind Frog Tree, to create something I normally couldn't without crowdfunding! Seriously, these campaigns are a huge leg up for my business and allow me to create products that require high order quantities with huge overseas shipping costs.

Lets get into the details!

These six new plushies will be my 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th unusual frogs! The body of each frog is made of a soft minky fabric and their bellies have a little bean pouch to give them a bit of weight.
Each frog is roughly 5" in length and 4" wide. If you close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a large burger you're very close to imagining holding one of these froggies. The eyes and nostrils are embroidered and the rest of the details are heat printed.

* Please keep in mind that colours, details and patterns might be slightly different in production for the both the plushies and the pins!

Campaign Funded: Goth Frog (unlocks at $3500 CAD)

Goth frog has a removable, plush spikey collar and some very cool spikey eye patterns! Essential frog buddy for going to the metal show and watching spooky movie marathons.

Goal 1: Cutie Frog (unlocks at $5000 CAD)

Cutie frog has a big pink plush tongue, blushy cheeks and cute little yellow sparkles and smileys! Cutie was actually created as the opposite of goth frog and they enjoy pink lemonade and strawberries.

Goal 2: Frogbat (unlocks at $6500 CAD)

Frogbat is the first unusual frog with tiny little wing hands! They're the perfect pal for creeping around in the forest at twilight, looking for moths and mushrooms. 

Goal 3: Skele Frog (unlocks at $8000 CAD)

Skelefrog is the third spooky unusual frog and is excellent for aspiring amphibian anatomists! I tried really hard to map all the actual frog bones onto these round froggies and it was tricky!! 

Goal 4: Sword Frog (unlocks at $9500 CAD)
Sword frog is a teeny hero who will defend you with honour in the battles ahead. I also don't know if they can reach the little pouch on their belt and if they could - what is even inside? Sword frog comes with a giant plush sword mounted on their back! It will not be removable but it will be made out of the same material as the frog (soft) so you can still have snuggles without getting poked. 

Goal 5: Wizard Frog (unlocks at $11000 CAD)

Finally, the wizard frog - or more accurately the wizards pet frog with a cute hat. This frog doesn't know magic. Or do they? Wizard frog has a beautiful bright blue wizard hat and some squiggly blue embroidered eyes. Set wizard frog on your desk when you are trying to study ancient tomes or are mixing up your next potion for +2 wisdom. 

Samples for all six frogs are currently in production! 

I will make sure that backers get to see photos of the samples before you have to make your choices in the post campaign survey and I'll keep you posted on any changes! All of my unusual frogs are based on the original unusual frog from my first plushie campaign, Onion!

If you backed any of my previous plushie campaigns, Onions (and other unusual frogs) & Herpetoflora II, then you'll be very familiar with the shape, size and feel for these new plushies as I'll be using the same pattern and manufacturer! Here are some more photos of my previous plushies!


There will also be six new enamel pins that will unlock alongside their matching plushies! Each pin will be roughly 2" in the longest dimension, will have two posts for stability and will be black metal plated.

With the exception of the skele frog (who's bones will glow in the dark!!) every pin has glitter enamel details!
All pins will come packaged on little custom backing cards! ♥

3" vinyl stickers of the pin designs and additional pins or plushies will be available in the add-ons section of this project!
Stickers will be available individually or as a discounted set!

As is tradition with my crowdfunding campaigns, every backer will receive this campaign exclusive enamel pin free with their pledge. It's my way of saying thank you for the support and offering a cool incentive to back the campaign!

Both the pins and the plushies will eventually be freely available in my online stores at regular retail prices of $30 CAD+ per plushie and $15 CAD per enamel pin. The best deals are in the 48 hour earlybird tiers but even if you miss those, all backerkit tiers offer these froggies at a discount! The higher the tier rewards, the higher the discount!


Just a heads up, these are estimates! You'll see accurate shipping rates for your tier and locationsin the surveys post campaign!

Here is a quick rundown of the timeline post-campaign!
Survey + Add-on Store (1-2 weeks post campaign) : Soon after the campaign ends, surveys will be sent out for backers to select their pins for their pledge! You will also share your address, pay for shipping and can add add-ons to your pledge through the add-on store!
Manufacturing Begins (2-3 weeks post campaign) : Once most of the surveys are complete and I have an accurate idea of how many of each pin and plushie I need to order, manufacturing can begin!
Shipping + Fulfillment (February 2025) :  After pins, backing cards, shipping supplies and stickers have arrived at my studio I can begin fulfillment! While this is subject to change I am estimating fulfillment to take place in February-March 2025.

If you want to connect with me, shop frog tree or check out my monthly pin club, check out the links below! Feel free also to email me at [email protected] (this is the most reliable way to get in touch!)

Instagram: @frogtreegames
Website / North America Shop : frogtreegames.com
Etsy / EU & International Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FrogTreeGames
Monthly Pin Club: Frog Treehouse

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