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More Cats Doing Science! - Hard Enamel Pins

More Cats Doing Science! - Hard Enamel Pins

The Cats Doing Science pin project was so popular that we are creating even More Cats Doing Science pins!
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Pintopia 2024
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This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


This coin is priced the same as the pins and counts as a 'pin' toward receiving your free Lab Rat!
At the Research Grant reward tier I will work with you to design a custom pin design and have it produced as hard enamel pins.  Once the pins have been produced you will receive twenty (20) pins of your choice from this More Cats Doing Science campaign.  Get 20 of your custom design or swap some out for other pins from this project, it is all up to you!

Frost Dragon Designs, LLC, will retain all rights to the resulting design and will be able to sell and distribute additional pins or any other derivative work in perpetuity.

Custom designs don't have to play by the 'rules'.  While it could be inspired by a hard science it doesn't have to be.  Actually, it doesn't have to be a cat either...  Maybe an Accounting French Bulldog is more up your alley, or perhaps you have an interest in an axolotl who is studying volcanology!  If it generally can fit under the banner of an animal and a profession or education we can probably work with it!

The resulting design will be similar in size and style to the other designs in this campaign and will also become selectable as a reward by other backers of this campaign!

No lewdness, gore, or obviously offense concepts will be allowed.  I reserve the right to refund your pledge in full and cease work on the Custom Science Cat if for some reason we are unable to come to an agreement on the final design.

If you pledge at this tier and want pins in addition to the 20 described above please add an additional $12 US per pin you would like.
In 2020 I released a witch cat pin where the cat was mixing a potion.  Then in 2022 one of my subscription club pins was a play off of that design where I substituted the witch attire for a white lab coat, making the Chemistry Cat. Sort of a then and now take on how alchemy gave way to modern chemistry.   

The Chemistry Cat was very popular in the pin club, and the 'left over' pins sold quickly as well.  I started thinking it might be fun to expand my little STEM cat concept into other scientific disciplines. I felt this was especially important to help bring some fun and whimsy to the sciences, which can often intimidate those not working directly in these fields.   

I also thought it would be fun for each of the pins to basically be the same cat in a white lab coat on a book, but doing a different type of science!

In 2023 I launched my original Cats Doing Science collection.  This year I am expanding that collection with even more cats practicing even more scientific disciplines, engineering, math, and medical professions!
Pin designs from the original Cats Doing Science campaign.

While most of the original Cats Doing Science designs will be available in the pledge manager as add-ons, they will not be selectable as campaign rewards.  
I have designed all of these awesome new Science Cat pins, but having so many pins produced can get pretty expensive.  In addition, I don't really know which designs will be popular and which will not.  

Think of BackerKit as a place for you to pre-order these pins.  

You pledge money to this campaign, then when the campaign is over BackerKit collects the money from you and gives it to me.  I then use that money to pay my production partner to make the pins.  Then when I receive the finished pins I inspect them for quality, package them up, and ship them out to you!  

It can take a while for all of that to happen (especially for larger projects like I hope this one will be), but at the end of it we have brought something awesome into the world that didn't exist before.

I cannot do it without your support!  

These pins have not yet been produced!  By backing this project you are a part of bringing them into the world!

Big projects like this can take a fair amount of time, so your patience and understanding are appreciated as we work through the process together.  Below is an approximate timeline for this project.  

  • March 28: More Cats Doing Science is launched
  • April 18: More Cats Doing Science ends
  • Late April: Backer surveys are sent out 
  • Early May: Main pin order is placed with my production partner.
  • June/July: Extra time padding in case something unexpected happens.
  • August: Pins are received from production partner and inspected and individually packaged.
  • September: Pins are shipped to their new homes!

The pins may be shipped earlier than the above estimates if things go exceptionally smoothly, or later if something catastrophic happens. ( I have never been late on shipping, but they say there is a first time for everything...)  

One Pin! - $14+Shipping

You will receive one pin of your choice from the campaign. You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $14 each. 

Three Pin! - $39+Shipping

You will receive three pins of your choice from the campaign. You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $13 each.

Five Pin! - $60+Shipping

You will receive five pins of your choice from the campaign. You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $12 each. You will also get a Lab Rat of your choice FREE!

One of Everything! *BEST VALUE* - $350+Shipping

You will receive one of each pin in this campaign!  That's 35+ pins!  If any designs are added during the campaign, you get those too at no additional cost!  You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $12 each. Both Lab Rats are included in this tier.

Research Grant - $350+Shipping

You will work with me to design an original pin that will become part of this campaign.  You will receive twenty (20) pins of your choice from the campaign. You will also be able to add additional campaign pins in the pledge manager for $12 each. You will also get a Lab Rat of your choice FREE!


Shipping Fees

The below shipping fees are in addition to your pledge amount.  

Shipping fees are paid separately in the pledge manager after the campaign.  

  • US - $5
  • Canada - $11
  • Australia - $14
  • UK - $14
  • Other - $14

Ineligible Countries

We are currently do not ship to France, Germany, Greece, Spain, or Poland.

VAT, Customs Fees, and Import Taxes
We DO NOT collect or remit any VAT, Customs Fees, Import Taxes or similar to any country.  Backers are solely responsible for making any necessary payment upon import to their country. 

Special note for potential UK Backers:
1.  If the value of your order is LESS than £135, please do not pledge here, I can set it up as a listing on Etsy once I have the pins in hand and Etsy will collect and remit the VAT at time of purchase.

2.  If the value of the order is MORE than £135, you can pledge on BackerKit and then when the pins are shipped and go through UK customs you will get a VAT charge from customs that you will need to pay.  
We reserve the right to refund in full pledges to countries where we discover that we cannot meet applicable laws and regulations.    


My name is Joshua R. Pinkas and I am the creator and owner of Frost Dragon Designs, LLC. After years of working on projects for others through freelance work and private commissions, I decided to start building something for myself and started Frost Dragon Designs, LLC.

I am a seasoned pin creator and have designed, had manufactured, and delivered tens of thousands of beautiful enamel pins.  Many of my previous designs are available for sale through my online shop,

All of my designs are my own original creations.  Every pin you back helps fund the production of new original designs!

In addition to my website you can find me on Etsy, YouTube and Patreon.


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Hello again friends,

More Cats Doing Science now has less than 24 hours left!

First I wanted to say thank you for making this project such a tremendous success!

Did you know that this is now my second highest funded pin campaign ever!?!  The only project that I have done that had more funding was my original Black Cat RPG campaign. 

In celebration of your tremendous support  I have decided to unleash my silliness and add one more design to the campaign. 

Not a single person has ever asked for this.  It was just a little doodle in one of my sketchbooks that I did along the way while designing all of the science cats.  When  I felt overwhelmed at the size of the project that I was trying to put together, it always put a smile on my face when I would flip past it.

Please give a warm welcome to the Chemistry Duck! 

I like colorful labware filed with colored liquid.  I think rubber ducks are fun.  I don't know what more to say...

Thank you again for supporting More Cats Doing Science! 

Kindest regards, 
Joshua R Pinkas
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