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Project Update: A Huge Thanks from Ghostfire! Post-Campaign Schedule

Thanks to all your amazing support we're successfully bringing our first ever Grim Hollow adventure to life in physical form! Without the support of each and every one of our 1625 backers we wouldn't have been able to bring this project to life! With your support we've been able to unlock two awesome stretch goals to add to the project and additionally reduce the price of the Fables Membership by $2 per month!

Now to provide everyone with the details we're sure you're waiting for!

Post Campaign Schedule

  •  Check your pledge: Now!
  •  Surveys sent: Week of January 9, 2023
  •  Lock orders (continuous) : Week of February 6, 2023
  •  Charge cards (continuous) : Week of February 13, 2023
  •  Lock addresses: May 2023
  •  Fulfilment: Shipping to start in November 2023

Check your pledge!

We highly encourage you all to ensure your pledge was successful with BackerKit once cards are charged over the next 24 hours – only successful pledges can be fulfilled. Sometimes, there can be issues with this part of the process and unfortunately, we can't do anything about payment issues on your pledge – this will solely be between you and your bank. If you think there is something we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to contact us via BackerKit and a member of our support team will be able to assist you.

BackerKit Surveys Sent: Week of January 9, 2023

In the week of January 9, BackerKit surveys will be sent out, accurate shipping prices will be calculated and all add-ons will be available for backers to add to their pledge. So please be aware, when you receive your BackerKit survey is when your shipping costs will be determined.

We’ll be sending out a “smoke test” to a few hundred backers a bit earlier than all surveys in order to review our process and address any feedback from those who receive an early survey.

**NOTE REGARDING VAT for our EU/UK backers** - Value Added Tax (VAT) is something that Ghostfire Gaming must charge to EU and UK backers and these amounts will be dependent on each country's VAT laws. Depending on each country will determine whether VAT needs to be charged to digital products. So if you see a VAT charge for our PDF or other electronic products, this is because it is a legal requirement imposed by your country of residence and Ghostfire Gaming must comply with these laws. If you have any questions regarding VAT, we encourage you to contact our Customer Support team.

BackerKit Lock Orders (continuous): Week of February 6, 2023

This is the date that we will be locking down all orders and changes through BackerKit. Don’t worry, you can still change and update your addresses. 

BackerKit Charge Cards (continuous): Week of February 13, 2023

Cards will be charged during this week via BackerKit. If you miss the first round of charging cards, there is no need to stress! We will attempt to charge failed or missed cards in weekly batches until orders are paid and confirmed.

Please note: we will be unable to send orders to those whose cards have failed to be charged once we get to fulfilment. So we highly encourage all backers to ensure they have funds available in the week of February 13 to ensure your pledge arrives on time.

BackerKit Lock Addresses: May 2023

During this month, we will be locking down all address changes through BackerKit. We will post an update to give a reminder of this action prior to us locking addresses. Up until this date you’ll be able to log into BackerKit and change your address. The process of changing addresses once you’ve submitted your pledge will be dependent on when in the production and fulfilment process we are. We encourage all backers to use an address (if possible to the individual) that you’re as certain as you can be, will be secure in 12 months time as changing addresses after we've locked does present a number of challenges.

*Please note, we can’t ship to PO, APO, FPO, CPO Boxes and/or Parcel Lockers. If you do enter this type of address, we will not be able to deliver your pledge. So please ensure you enter a street address in BackerKit.

Fulfilment: Shipping to start in September 2023

The most exciting time for everyone; fulfilment time! We will do everything in our power to commit to and beat this deadline, however we do appreciate your understanding.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions about this process. We will continue to post updates related to fulfilment, BackerKit surveys, new art, product development and more as we want you all to be on this journey right along with us. 

As 2023 will very shortly be upon us, that does mean that our Customer Support Team will be taking a bit of a break over the Christmas/New Year period. In light of this, we ask all backers to note that we will be on leave from Friday December 23, 2022 - Monday January 2, 2023. So if you message us during this period, we will get back to you upon our return in the new year.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has supported us through our campaign period, we’re absolutely thrilled to be bringing this project to life with all your support.

The Ghostfire Gaming Team





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