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Hidden Glow UV-activated Dice

Hidden Glow UV-activated Dice

Never-before seen dice that look "just pretty" - until you hit them with UV light and the hidden gems (or skulls, or mushrooms, or jellyfish) inside begin to glow!
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The Virtual One-Shot

If you choose to back at the "A Seat at the Table" reward, you will receive a set of Hidden Glow dice of your choice and a PDF copy of the One-Shot.

But the best part is you'll be one of the lucky folks who get to play in an online game session run by one of the incredibly talented DMs I've lined up, to play through the campaign-exclusive one-shot! System will be determined by each GM and players will have an option to select their preferred system, subject to availability.
Each session will have a maximum of 4 players and a run time up to 4 hours.
Sessions will be private, not streamed or recorded. We will work together to schedule a time that is convenient for all involved. Safety tools will be in use for each session.

The wonderful GMs who will be running these sessions for us are:

The Handmade UV-lit Dice Trays

This reward is really something special, folks! My dad created the initial prototype (aren't dads great?!) and then Ben over at Naturally Nerdy perfected and made the samples! 

These gorgeous hex dice trays feature your choice of wood - sturdy maple or luxurious purple heart. They're compact enough to bring with you at about 8" across parallel sides. 

They're lined with thick, lustrous black velvet which is the perfect surface to roll your sharp-edged dice on, but also "eats" light so offers the optimal backing for the star of the show: your Hidden Glow dice! 

Lining the walls of each dice tray is a strip of UV-LED lights. The lights are powered by USB-A cord which can be plugged in to a battery pack (included) or a charging block (not included). The lights are protected from damage by a sturdy plexiglass layer. The trays work beautifully with or without the lights on.


Want a heck ton of photos of these mysterious dice? I've got you. 

Hidden Glow D6s in natural and UV light

Hidden Glow dice in bright natural light



At $20,000 every backer with a physical pledge will receive a beautiful 4x6" sheet of holographic stickers! It features exclusive custom art from Zack Keedy (@hurmly) that fit in perfectly with the campaign theme! Additional sticker sheets may also be purchased as add-ons.

UNLOCKED! $30,000 CAD 

At $30,000, the Skulls design will be unlocked! These dice have tiny, detailed UV-activated skulls inside, swirled with a deep red mist that also glows under UV light.

Skull dice set under normal and UV light

LOCKED: $35,000 CAD

At $35,000 every single physical backer will receive a FREE UV-LED rechargeable pocket flashlight! Perfect for showing off your amazing glowing dice on the go.

LOCKED: $40,000 CAD

At $40,000 the next design will unlock: Potion bottles! Each die includes a tiny UV-activated potion bottle and multi-coloured iridescent glitter and flake for optimal magical shine!

Potion bottle dice set under normal and UV light

LOCKED: $45,000 CAD

If the campaign reaches $45,000 CAD, every backer at all levels will receive an illustrated pdf of neon/cyber-punk themed TTRPG content. Bundle may include a subclass, NPC, monsters, and magic items, or even more surprises! The bundle will be system-agnostic to use with your favourite TTRPG! Writer and illustrator TBA!

LOCKED: $50,000 CAD

At $50,000 the final design will be unlocked: Crystal Clusters! These are actually my favourite of the designs, and the trickiest to capture on camera for some reason! They feature UV-activated crystal clusters, iridescent shimmer, and deep purple moss.

Crystal dice set under normal and UV light

LOCKED: $55,000 CAD

At $55,000 every backer will receive a FREE copy of the campaign-exclusive, system-agnostic one-shot as a PDF download. Even more glowing fun to go around, and you can play in your most favourite system!

LOCKED: $75,000 CAD

When we reach $75,000 each backer with a pledge of at least $27CAD (before shipping) will receive a campaign-exclusive enamel pin. It will be finished with silver-toned metal and a locking pin back for extra security. Additional pins may also be purchased as add-ons (see "Add-ons" above).


Each 7-piece set of Hidden Glow dice includes a different shape of transparent, UV-reactive inclusions. They are made of the same resin as the rest of the dice, so rest assured they are quite well balanced! 

The inclusions are being produced by Geoff VanGemert at Long Dog Workshop and the dice themselves will be made by the same workshop team that produced my sharp-edged Keyfish dice and my sharp-edged Purryhedrals dice, using the same molds. This means that they will feature the same custom Green Leaf Geek font as my previous exclusive designs and all my handmade dice.

The dice in the images and video in this campaign are all production samples. There may be some very slight changes in the final product (a slight change to the shade of glitter, or the texture of moss, for instance), but the finish, polish, and overall effect will be essentially the same as what you're seeing here.

This Backerkit campaign will allow me to fund the production of the initial run of Hidden Glow polyhedral sets, as well as providing the opportunity to hire artists, writers, and content creators in the TTRPG community. It's an ongoing goal for my one-person business to collaborate with and support as many fellow creators as possible, and running this project as a crowdfund rather than a standard preorder will allow me to make this a reality, plus offer some spectacular bonuses for backers!

This is my third crowdfunding project. In 2020 and 2021, respectively, I launched Keyfish Crit and Purryhedrals original dice, both on Kickstarter.

For this crowdfund, I wanted to make a few changes. First of all, I didn't have the best of luck with soft-edged dice in my previous two campaigns. I wanted to stick with what I knew my production partners could do REALLY well, so sharp-edged dice made the most sense.
Next, I chose Backerkit for a couple of reasons. Primarily because I didn't like KS's whole "blockchain" situation from a couple years ago and how they dealt with it (ICYMI, read this article). I'd watched a bunch of recent campaigns on Backerkit and was really impressed (Hello, MCDM? Amazing!). Finally, Backerkit's set of tools for pre-, during-, and post-campaign is seriously impressive. So here we are! 

This magical mix of mysterious dice actually started as a happy accident, all the way back in 2018. I had thrown a frosted (but clear) 3D printed skull inclusion into a mold with some UV-curing resin, and the skull appeared invisible inside my see-through mold. I was disappointed, thinking it was a waste of an inclusion. However, when I turned on the UV light to cure the resin, the skull GLOWED! 

It was invisible, and then it wasn't! MAGIC! 

Making something more interesting out of this idea has been nagging at me since that time, but my skill with design and resin craft hasn't really been up to the challenge before now. 

In 2024, I'm confident that the designs I've come up with and prototyped will fulfil your glowing dice fantasies! I've even partnered with some fantastic makers, artists, and TTRPG community members to make this campaign extra special!


Some wonderful folks are helping bring this campaign to life! 
They are: 

Geoff VanGemert at Long Dog Workshop 

  • Design & Production of UV-activated inclusions

Ben Hall at Naturally Nerdy

  • Design & Production of handcrafted UV-lit wooden dice trays

Zack Keedy 

  • Design & illustration of sticker sheet


For this project, shipping will be charged AFTER the campaign ends, in order to ensure that we are collecting the correct amount for each pledge order. This will help avoid over- or under-charging due to potential changes in postage costs between now and fulfilment time. 

Dice and small add-on items will be shipped from my studio in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Rates typically range from $15-20CAD for shipments within Canada/USA, and $20-30CAD for international packages. This may change by fulfilment time, and postage will be carefully calculated to save backers the most money possible.

UV-lit dice trays will be shipped directly from Naturally Nerdy in the USA, which will keep costs lower for backers who order them. At this time the estimate is between $20-30 for North American orders and $25-40 for International orders. Again, that may change by fulfilment time.

Pledging at any level (including $1) will give you access to the post-campaign pledge manager where you will be able to add other items if you so choose. Hidden Glow dice sets will also be available from my website once the crowdfunding orders have been fulfilled.

You can track this project on BackerTracker for interesting insights and projections about where the campaign might end up. For all the number nerds like me, this is better than chocolate (almost)!
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project