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Project Update: Build A Boyfriend results are in!

Hey everyone! I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you who participated in the Build A Boyfriend polling process! It was SO much fun, and I'm happy to see that it seems like you all had a lot of fun too. It truly was an amazing experience getting to see this come together.

And now, I am excited to present to you all... Enoch, the Eldritch Horror, built by you guys, the Monster Match community!

Please note this is a REFINED SKETCH, not the finished artwork!

Pin Specs:
  • Hard enamel
  • Black nickel plating
  • 3" tall
  • standard pin

Reward Information:
  • Enoch will be included in the "ALL-IN" and "Full Set" pledge levels.
  • He will be available as a reward and counts as a "standard" pin.
  • He is also now available as an add-on.

Personally, I think he turned out REALLY cool! Do note that this is still a refined sketch - I have not yet finalized the artwork.

Speaking of which, don't forget that on Monday, April 15th I will be doing a livestream showing the process of turning this refined sketch into the finalized artwork that I will send to the manufacturer. More information about the time & date is listed on the campaign homepage. You can watch the stream right from the campaign page as well - the stream feed will replace the campaign banner for the duration of the stream. 

One more thing before I go...

Enoch will be added to the postcard set! It wouldn't be complete without adding him, don't you agree? He'll be included with the full postcard set at no extra cost, and as a choice for a-la-carte postcards too.

Again, thank you, THANK YOU for making this activity such a stellar success, and I really hope that I can do more community-involved activities like this during future crowdfunding campaigns!
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