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Project Update: Early Bird Backers: PLEASE READ!

This applies to bird backers only, so if you aren't an early bird backer, you can disregard this update!

I wanted to clarify something that I unfortunately forgot to mention in the story section upon launch.

Early bird backers will have the option to add on enamel pins at early bird prices in the post-campaign survey.

I failed to mention this earlier and I do deeply apologize for that. It was not intended maliciously or to try and trick people into spending more money. With trying to get everything ready for launch, it slipped my mind to include it on the campaign page and I didn't remember until someone asked about it in a prior project update a few days ago.

So if you're an early bird backer and you added on extra pins to your order, you're free to remove them from your pledge if you wish and instead wait to purchase your add-ons until you fill out your survey. It'll save you a few dollars.

Of course you're also welcome to keep them as they are now if you're okay with paying full prices for your add-ons. Ultimately, it's up to you.

This only applies to enamel pin add-ons; the extras such as the stickers, sticker sheet, and postcards will be priced the same in the post-campaign survey as they are now.

Again I do apologize for failing to mention this sooner and I hope this update clarifies things.

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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