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23 days ago

Project Update: Surveys coming soon!! :)

Hello everyone!! Hope you all have been doing great since the end of Pintopia!

After running the Pintopia campaign for almost a month straight every day/night, I took a very necessary break to recharge my batteries from running the campaign basically non-stop (from the moment I woke up to when I would fall asleep checking the campaign progress).

Here's an accurate gif depiction of me below working nonstop during the campaign morning to night lol
When I would wake up
When I would fall asleep designing at my computer lol 😆

I slowly started working on the surveys after Pintopia ended, and it is definitely a learning curve from my last ita bag Kickstarter Campaign/Backerkit Survey! Since there are so many pin options now for this campaign vs the last ita bag campaign I ran, it definitely got a little complicated figuring out how to setup the questions/Backerkit store correctly for so many pin designs/tiers 😆

While I began working on the surveys, my spring convention schedule basically started all last month. If you all didn't know, I regularly travel to anime conventions mainly across the midwest US area as my main job to vend my artwork in the artist alleys. With convention season basically starting right after Pintopia ended, I've also been dealing with personal life issues on top of all that. So I didn't have the proper chance to sit down and write this update. My sincerest apologies for not updating everyone sooner, I've just dealing with a lot on my plate with the campaign/work/personal life and I hope you understand the short delay!! 🙏🏼

🎉 The great news is that the surveys are almost complete and all I need to do is finalize the icon art to match the pin designs/items to the survey questions and double check that all the surveys are correct! 🎉 This weekend is my last convention I'm vending at for a short period, so I'm aiming to have the surveys send out by sometime by the end of next week after I return from the convention 🤗

Some other great news is that the new Harpy pin design is almost finished, and the Egyptian Goddess Nut pin is almost done as well! I'll be revealing those when the surveys are released 😉

Thank you all so much for your patience and support, I definitely have not forgotten about the campaign at all and I've been hard at work on these surveys in the background and working on the new Harpy/Nut pin designs that were voted on!! 💖

I'll keep you all updated when the surveys are finally out! 🐍💖✨ (The pre-order store will also be released soon too for anyone who missed out on the campaign during Pintopia <3)





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