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Hearts of Titan: Animated Short

Hearts of Titan: Animated Short

Welcome to the official Backerkit page for Hearts of Titan, an animated action-comedy series created by Kappapon Studios! With your support, we can bring our series to life and provide exciting rewards for our backers!
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Hearts of Titan is an independently made action-comedy animated series! 

The story revolves around three unusual young adults and a disgraced space prince on a path to unraveling an intergalactic mystery. Their suspicious full-ride scholarship is only the beginning to a much greater journey. As the story unfolds, our heroes are met with a cataclysmic chain of events containing magic, mayhem and cybernetic criminals.

We invite you on our journey to expand the project’s story!
With our proof of concept completed, Kappapon Studios is crowdfunding a 5-minute animated short within the Hearts of Titan series!

"What is the short about?"

Departure. Old memories are revisited during a transitory chapter of life. 
A glimpse into the lives of Elias, Kory and Damien before the events of the first episode. While they stand on the cusp of an unknown future, something is brewing with Ryan. 
For one reason or another, they prepare to leave for Boxlid University.

“Why crowdfund a short first before the first episode?”

Our team has spent years in the animation industry. We’ve worked on everything between films, shows, games and music videos. As a result, we have an intimate knowledge of much animation costs.
Hearts of Titan is our most ambitious project to date. As much as we’d love to reach our ideal financial goal and fund Episode 1- this is a huge undertaking. 

To ensure that our studio can bring this project to life while staying true to its vision, we’re starting small first.

Want to see more of Hearts of Titan? Consider becoming a backer!  

We want to provide quality incentives as our thanks for your support. Rewards will be campaign exclusive, so grab them while you can!

Supporting through Backerkit helps us tell this story to its fullest potential. Not only would we have the resources to create stellar animation, but also retain the autonomy of the series. Allowing our studio to tell the story how we'd like without limitations.

Examples are Product Prototype Designs!

These designs are subject to change. Our process for reward fulfillment is meticulous, as we'd love to include audience input. Backers will have a first look at rewards and vote on various design options! Follow our Instagram, Twitter and TikTok for merch updates! 




Due to nature of this being our studio's first crowdfund, physical rewards are limited to featuring only the main cast. However, if there is a high demand for other characters, we'll consider expanding the set. Let us know what merch you'd be interested in through Backerkit's community tab!

For the fans that already have their favorites decided- we'll make sure to include other characters in our digital rewards! 

While our initial goal is to jumpstart Hearts of Titan, we'd love to make more for the series! The first short is only the beginning to Kappapon Studio's original work. Our stretch goals are made to further expand the story- while also giving back to you! 

The Scholarship Fund (AKA Stretch Goals)! Your dollars go straight to putting fictional characters through college! 

Community Achievements!

Building up a strong community is just as important to us! To add more fun to the campaign, we've devised a list of challenges. With each achievement milestone another reward is unlocked. You can support the show by joining the fandom! Excluding the ball pits- 


This project is a love letter to cartoons—from blockbuster films to animation memes made on an artist's first drawing tablet. Inspired by early 2000s action cartoons and niche 2010s internet animation, Hearts of Titan is a story packed with fun! Furthermore, it delves into the themes of belonging, self-exploration, identity and young adult life.

We invite you on our journey to expand the project’s story!
With our proof of concept completed, Kappapon Studios is crowdfunding a 5-minute animated short within the Hearts of Titan series! 

The Prologue

"I was entrusted with unfathomable power."

Within the furthest reaches of space, a distant planet falls into chaos. Tragedy leads a young alien prince to flee his homeworld. During his final hour, Orion is bestowed a gift: The key to salvation. Fleeing the bloodshed, He has no option but to seek refuge. After finding an abandoned ship, Orion leaves with his world's last fragment of hope.  

Despite his best efforts... the gift was lost.

Reaching a new planet: Earth, Orion starts anew. With his species' innate ability to change forms, he learns to blend in as a human.  

There is no going back now.  

Leaving his past behind, he became "Ryan". 

A Prince, a Lover, a Clown and a Scholar.  

Meet the main characters of our story, TEAM REKD!
Ryan, Elias, Kory and Damien aren’t perfect, but they find the best in each other. Despite the many life-threatening scenarios they encounter, these challenges only strengthen their bond. Beyond all the chaos, they can always rely on each other.

Welcome to Boxlid University!

Boxlid is a highly regarded ivy-league institution for students of science—especially when it comes everything beyond Earth's atmosphere. Settled in a bustling city famous for it's intergalactic phenomena. This prestigious university may persuade it's students with glamour, but what happens when traditional expectations are challenged? There's more to the Boxlid experience than meets the eye!

Hearts of Titan began development July 19, 2020.

What once began as a fun pastime between 4 friends on discord, turned into something much greater. Our goal was to create a project reminiscent of the stories we've grown up enjoying. While exploring elements seldom seen in animation. Hearts of Titan embodies passion and connection!

Our series shows appreciation to being "cringe and free". If you wish to join us on this voyage, here is how you can help!

BECOME A BACKER 🐴 Saddle up, it's a race to the finish line! If you have the dollars to spare, go the distance with us! We'll make sure the journey is fun by providing rewards and frequent project updates!

JOIN THE FANDOM 💖 We aspire to one day be a show fanfic writers make headcanons for. Help us build a fun community! Engage in our posts to help us grow the fan space!

📢 Get excited and get loud! Use #HOTSWEEP for any Hearts of Titan related posts during the campaign! Talk about the project, share your theories or let us know your favorite characters!

How your money will be spent!

Animation is expensive, thankfully our studio has experience budgeting projects. After 4 years operating as a team, we have the skills to build a well-working system. This pie chart represents where funds will be allocated within the pipeline.


Kappapon Studios was started by 4 close friends, each located in different countries around the world. Our goal has always been to create fun original shows with the people we love. Working as a team, we've created various animated music videos and content for clients. In tandem, we began developing our first original project “Hearts of Titan”. Our goal was to develop a strong background in animation before focusing on independent endeavors. 

To bring "Hearts of Titan" to life, we each contributed out-of-pocket to fund the proof of concept. During it's production, we worked with a small team of talented artists to prepare this crowdfund.
However, our goal is to expand Kappapon and become a fully operating studio. Raising funds would allow us to open up applications to get production started. With that in mind, Kappapon is open to building a contact pool for interested artists. 

Meet the Kappapon Team!

We'd like to highlight the talented crew our studio worked with to bring this proof of concept to life!

Thank you to our wonderful music team!


Kappapon will always be a home for independently made content and Hearts of Titan is no exception.

As it stands, the creative industry is plagued with uncertainty while our livelihoods are being challenged. Creatives should be respected, not artificially replaced or undermined.

Crowdfunding through Backerkit allows us full control to maintain the project’s vision and integrity. 


All Digital goods will be delivered via email! The fulfillment process will take place on the same timeline as physical rewards. To ensure transparency we will provide updates on digital rewards throughout their development. 

Shipping fees will be calculated and collected through Backerkit after the campaign's end. This helps to verify the correct cost of shipping depending on your region.

Shipping unavailable in your country? We'd love to provide full access for international shipping. However, due to this being our first crowdfund, we'd like to tread carefully to ensure seamless reward fulfillment.  
Therefore, shipping will be limited due to the varying customs and regulations of each country.
We fully intend to see our production through regardless.  We're aiming to begin reward fulfillment Quarter 2 of 2025.
Your support will help expedite this process. In any collaborative project, there is always room for error. That being said, we will engage in monthly updates and progress reports so our supporters can remain confident in our production.  Your support means the world to us, and Kappapon Studios intends to communicate consistently and honestly throughout this process! 

If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project