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25 days ago

Project Update: Dreamweaver & Lightning Redesigns • Update on Surveys

Hello all-- first off, my utmost apologies for how long this has taken to get out to you guys! I've been at war with the Neverending Sinus Infection, on top of car troubles and everything else wrong with my body getting so much worse with the rising temperatures. 


Prior to launching, the Lightning in a Bottle pin gave me the most trouble with the design, and I was never quite happy with what I did come up with initially-- same goes for the Dreamweaver Draught design, I kept feeling like there was just something missing and the final design I put out missed the mark somehow. Coming back to the drawing board with these two designs was important to me, and I can proudly say that these designs are what I've been striving towards. 

The original Lightning in a Bottle design felt a little too messy and unclear to me-- it wasn't immediately obvious at a glance what exactly the design even was without the additional context. This one has a whole lot more personality in addition to legibility. I think the cloud-shaped bottle with a darker, stormier tone to the glass suits the theme far more, along with the stopper being inspired by antique lightning rods. I am still toying with the idea of making the cloudy swirls in this one darker and more desaturated, but the linework and overall vibe is settled.

Likewise, the Dreamweaver Draught has far more movement and far better communicates its purposing than the original design-- its also a lot more faithful to my original sketches for the concept. 
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