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Snug-Alongs Plush Backpacks

Snug-Alongs Plush Backpacks

Comfy, snuggly soft animal plush backpacks!
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Introducing: Snug-Alongs!

Every time Iโ€™ve been excited by a cute plush backpack out in the wild, Iโ€™ve been disappointed to find them to be more of a plush to wear on your back, rather than a functional backpack with room for essentials. Thatโ€™s why for years I have been planning out my own series of plush backpacks that are not only cute and durable, but with plenty of space to hold lots of things!

Snug-Alongs have a large inside pocket with another big pocket inside of that to split it into two sections if you wish! Each comes with their own unique and removable bandana that matches the inside lining and is great for attaching pins! Their durability has been tested on international flights and theme park weekends and passed with flying colors!ย 

Snug-along straps can also be removed and their pouches filled with cushions, weighted beads, hot water bottles/freezer packs, or anything you like. Their versatility can turn them into simple plush, weighted plush, or heated/chilled plush!


Snug-Along Features

Check out the features of our backpacks!

(PLEASE NOTE the pattern on the bandana/inside lining will be slightly different for the final backpacks. You can see examples below!)




Meet the Snug-Alongs characters!

Our campaigns always feature our mascot, a red border collie! He is our heart and soul, based on my heart dog who is my own personal cuddlebug and snugglebuddy. I use him as my muse to share his amazing comforting abilities with all of you!


Check out all four unlocked stretch goal Snug-Alongs!!









Meet Cloud the Tsun Dragon and Charmy the Trauma Dragon, unlocked at $50,000 and chosen as the 6th and 7th Snug-Alongs by voting!

These dragon brothers are very close, even if Cloud tends to hide his affections and won't speak his feelings out loud. Charmy is a dragon who's been through trauma and holds onto his teddy bear, Champ, to comfort himself. These two dragons are LittleSofts Original Characters and I am beyond delighted they got chosen to become the next Snug-Alongs!


Meet Lemon Bat, unlocked at $80,000 and chosen as the 8th Snug-Along by voting!

Lemon Bat is flapping with excitement to become the 8th Snug-Along plush backpack. He will absolutely NOT leave you with a sour face after you give him a squeeze! Insert some other lemon puns here!


Meet Raspberry Red Panda, unlocked at $99,000 and chosen as the 9th Snug-Along by voting!

Raspberry is a little shy but so delighted to be joining us as a Snug-Along and to go with you on your next trip! She loves all red berries, including strawberries and cranberries, so make sure you bring plenty for her lunch!


Meet Sesame Gryphon, unlocked at $175,000 and chosen as the 9th Snug-Along by voting!

Sesame Gryphon is here and SO EXCITED to meet you!! They are a cold-weather, snow loving Gryphon whose soft spotted fur will keep you cuddly snuggly warm. Sesame is our third Fantasy Creature to join this lineup!


Stretch Goals!


MEGA SUPER Stretch Goals!

Thanks to the first five Snug-Alongs unlocking just 8 hours after launch, we now have opened up the second batch of Stretch Goals!ย 



Well, only five days into the campaign, it has come to this... check out our upcoming stretch goals! How many can we unlock before Feb 29th, our end date?! UPDATE: ALL UNLOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!


6" BeanBuds Plushies UNLOCKED!

Thanks to the campaign reaching $50,000 in its first 12 hours, the new 6" BeanBud Plushies tier was revealed and UPDATE: all ten designs have been fully unlocked! Will you collect all of the BeanBuds...? You can add BeanBuds to your pledge now to show support for the new tier of smaller, handheld beanie filled minky little pals!


Enamel Pin Rewards!


Shipping Information!

Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends! We are currently able to ship internationally. Check the chart below for your shipping estimate!

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