Tiny Dragons with Tiny Hoards

Tiny Dragons with Tiny Hoards

An enamel pin set featuring tiny dragons with their tiny hoards of various collectibles. Not all dragons hoard gold!
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Dragons are known hoarders. Big dragons hoard big things, like huge piles of gold, exquisite works of art, princesses, what have you. But not all dragons are big. Some are tiny. And tiny dragons, of course, hoard tiny things.

That's really what this project is all about: very small dragons with their hoards of very small things. From dice to yarn, vintage virtual pets to flowers, the tiny dragons you'll find below all have their special interests and their tiny hoards!

Once both Tiny Dragons with Tiny Hoards and Everyday Sharks are funded, any backer who backed both campaigns will receive this pin as a freebie!

All of these designs will become available if the project base goal is met. With additional stretch goals, further tiny dragons become available!


Freebie mini pin for all backers! Look forward to a poll once the previous stretch goal is reached!

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Extra pins $12 each

2-inch stickers $2 each - check out the sticker exclusive tiny dragons, Hoard of Candy and Hoard of Fancy Bottles!

1.5 inch transparent bubble shaker charms featuring a different set of dragon designs. Choose from space, candy, and butterflies!

Oversized postcard prints of tiny dragons from my Smaugust 2020 watercolors. Choose from a tiny dragon sheltering from rain and a very helpful wizard's assistant!

β—† More add-ons are available under the add-on menu! β—†

β—† Shipping will be collected separately after the campaign. β—†
You will be able to make your selections for pin and addon designs before you have to pay for shipping. Your items are expected to ship sometime in late July, early August (see timeline for more information).

Estimated shipping fees:
US: $4
Canada: $8
International: $16

β—† Please note that I cannot ship to the UK or Germany. β—†

β—† March 28: Project launch!
β—† April 18: Funding campaign ends, pledges are charged
β—† April 25 - 30: Backer surveys are sent out
β—† May: Funds arrive, production begins
β—† July: Pins arrive, quality check
β—† Late July - early August: Shipping! Project is concluded when shipping is 100% complete.

β—† Please note that this timeline is an estimate and liable to change. If any delays occur, I will always communicate these in a timely fashion. β—†

Hello! My name is Anni, and I’m a Finnish artist and graduate student residing in Southern California. I've always been a collector and I've had various hoards of my own since I was a little kid: stickers, pretty rocks, movie ticket stubs, gacha toys, you name it. In the past few years I've become a big fan of enamel pins and have developed something of a passion for not just collecting them, but also designing them. In fact, this is my sixth crowdfunding project for enamel pins! This time around I've combined my own collection interests with tiny dragons to bring you a collection of tiny dragons with their special tiny hoards.

β—†Check my previous pins on my Etsy store!β—†


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