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Project Update: Plushie and shirt samples nearly complete!

Happy Friday critters!

Thank you for bearing with me while I have my nose to the grindstone getting all of the series 2 snughoul items ready for production! As of this week about 90% of the series 2 goodies have been confirmed, paid for, and are actively in production now. It's been one long and busy road and I still have plenty to do before everything leaves my various suppliers, but knowing the chain of fulfillment is set up and waiting is a huge weight off my mind.

Now on to Pintopia updates! Things have been far from quiet on this side of things and I'm stoked to show you all the progress we've made in such a short amount of time.

The button-up samples are largely finished! I want to make a few adjustments to the position of the pattern on the Sweet Dreams shirt (don't like that Nightmare is cut in half), but everything else looks fabulous. Each shirt now has a pocket and complimentary button colors.

Plushie prototyping has also been moving along at a good clip! Got our first glimpse of Rosy Maple tonight and they're already almost perfect which is awesome for a first pass.

Colors for Dragon Fruit Bat have been picked out, so I expect a plush update next week! 

Apart from that all we're waiting on is a few tweaks to Twinkle Star Bat, the updated Thornheart Wolpertinger with paler colors, and some new flowers for Sakura Wolpertinger! Cosmic Beez and Sweet Heart Bat are 100% finished.

  • Quick note about Cosmic Beelzebear: Saw the feedback about the belly badge material and took it on board! I requested both samples (holo and tie-dye) and will hold a poll when they arrive to determine the final plush. 

All 23 characters from series 2 had to be reviewed and confirmed (and in some cases small adjustments had to be made due to fabric availability) before production which slowed development down on this new batch, but that is mostly out of the way now so things should pick up speed as we move into June!

To accommodate the new snughoul logo, I've developed a new hang tag too.

And a new wash tag with all the necessary information to make sure the snughouls pass their safety testing later this month.

And finally development on the pins and the shaker keychain should begin next week! Truth be told they're the most straightforward thing about this project so I've been a little less pressed about getting the ball rolling on them vs the plushies and apparel, but I know everyone is excited to see some physical samples (me too!!)

Charmsey has been a little under the weather resulting in a delay on our collaboration pieces, but these should also be finished next week so sampling can begin on them as well. 

Lastly, don't forget to check out the snughouls discord! I've been using it to share WIPs that don't warrant their own update and other behind the scenes tidbits so it's worth joining even if you just plan to lurk,

Because I've seen it mentioned several times in the comments it bears repeating-- surveys won't close until prototyping is finished on all items!

You also won't be charged for any add-ons until surveys lock/close, which is estimated to be around (but not before) July 1st at the moment. So get those surveys in if you haven't already! The sooner surveys are submitted, the sooner I can get final counts put together for my suppliers 💖
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