Jellinom - Demon Jellies - Vibrant Gacha Mini Pin Collection

Jellinom - Demon Jellies - Vibrant Gacha Mini Pin Collection

This will be my 5th gacha mini pin collection, this time featuring guest artist Fantasy Fox Creations, as part of Pintopia 2. All backers of BOTH campaigns get our collab designs for free! One stretch goal left!
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Pintopia 2024
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This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


Pintopia 2024

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins — All 125+ Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO [2] cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨



Hi everyone! I'm here with my first Backerkit Campaign, and as mentioned above, it's also a part of Pintopia! I'm really excited, I hope you are too.

Like Kickstarter, Backerkit is an all-or-nothing platform. You won't be charged until after the campaign has ended, and only if it has met the base goal at minimum!

This is my first time doing a crowdfund for a gacha collection - itty bitty pins that, once in stock, will only be available at random through gacha spins! In the campaign, you can choose each specific pin you want, or do gacha spins for a discount!

As a bit of a background, "Jellinoms" were originally a collaborative concept between my fiancé and I, starting with a "Flanom" design! These are teenier updated takes on the design with different expressions and colors, and keep the translucent enamel over smooth metal concept!

The base goal is 7 Jellinom pins I designed + a collaborative Jellinom design by Fantasy Fox Creations!
The jellinoms have received an extensive glow-up!

They are my Pintopia partner, so I also have a collab design in their cat paw campaign as mentioned in the Pintopia story section!

The base goal of 7 jellinoms includes mostly dyed plating for the metal colors, but demon skull is a dark glossy anodized black. There's more variety in the plating colors for the stretch goal pins, elaborated on below!

I also would like to mention all of my previous gacha collections:
The bat and moth pin gachas are sold out aside from the "eye" moths! Pills and fish are currently in circulation!

...Many total mini bats have been made, 20+, including the 5 gacha-exclusive designs! The "eyes" bat is available as an add-on.

The fish are new and thus I haven't broken even on them yet, which is why they're not available as add-ons - I hope you can understand!

All pins available through the campaign will be standard grade. No backer will purposely get sent a pin of lesser quality - if that happens, shoot me a message and I'll get it taken care of! Please refer to the FAQ for pin grading info! 

UK and EU Backers

Only UK orders >135£ / EU orders >150€ will be processed. Others must be canceled due to VAT law.

Add-Ons and Freebies

For early-bird backers of at least 1 jelly pin within the first 48hrs, all will receive a freebie skull jellinom sticker!

It's sparkle holographic, though the pin will have silver glitters and a glowing skull!

If the first stretch goal is met, all backers pledging for at least 3 jelly pins will receive the cat skull jellinom as a free sticker!

Now that we've gotten quite a bit funded, any backer of more than 3 pins (add-ons included) will also receive this glow in the dark sticker!
(without the watermark of course!)

Once individual stretch goals are met, the unlocked items will also be available as stretch goals! All add-ons are limited in qty except additional jellinom spins or sticker packs, but since BK campaigns don't allow quantity limits to be set for add-on listings, they will have to be hidden one by one if limits are pledged. With the base goal, here's the add-ons already available besides all jellies:

For the first time, all of the pills are available in standard grade individually! They are also available as spins, as traditional! Most of the pill pins are double epoxied - there is an epoxy layer over the printing, too!  

There are also 1 design each of the bat and moth gacha available - coincidentally, both are called "eyes". ^^;
Bats are 20mm wide, moths are 22mm wide

These aren't all of my sticker designs, but pretty close! This includes collaborative designs with other artists! I have 5-piece and 10-piece vinyl sticker grab bags available as add-ons. If you message me, I can add a note to your pledge to exclude certain designs (but I won't take requests for preferences for inclusions).

I also have locking-back clutches and magnetic converters available! The locking clutches make the pin very sturdily attached to whatever they're applied to, and the magnets convert your pin into its own little magnet - fully reversibly!
Image representation of magnets not final; there are two types I am testing out, whichever is strongest will be used!

Lastly (for now!), I've added a limited MYSTERY PIN option from my shop inventory! This is severely discounted, 20-53% off depending on the pin! If you back this, you may even get a pin that I don't have listed online because I thought it sold out years ago, but recently found just 1 left in stock that was misplaced when I moved (there are a few designs like this). Only pins 35mm or above are included.
The majority of my pin designs - including some of the ones I thought were out of stock but weren't, and may be included in the "pool"! I also will be picking at random from my pins that used to be Patreon exclusives.

All of my pin designs are limited edition except for a very small handful (Pink x Purple Syringe, Bandages v2, Dizzy for example), and I've stopped designing "full size pins" pretty much entirely as of years ago. As a result, I'm trying to phase out my larger standards! I normally price my standard pins (formerly titled "B Grade," so if already affixed to a backing card you may get one that says that) $12-$15 depending on the design. The add-on will be hidden after 15 are claimed.

Please refer to FAQ for pin grading info! 

Stretch Goals

There are two fully-planned-out stretch goals, but if both are met, I'll reveal the 3rd! Both 1 and 2 each include 4 more jellies, which would bring it to a total of 16 produced (including the freebie for backers of both campaigns!).

Stretch goal 1 includes sleeping and teasing expression jellies, along with a glow-in-the-dark slimey jelly and a glittery cat skull jelly!

Stretch goal 1 is UNLOCKED!! 🎉🎉

The plating for the dark blue ("blue raspberry") and green ("slime") are dyed metal, which is glossy chip-resistant paint and will be covered with the top layer of epoxy coating, like the majority of the base goal jellinoms.

The plating for the cat skull will be a pink anodized plating:

And for the mischievous purple ("grape") will be a light purple anodized plating:

Please note that they will also have the clear epoxy coating that the dyed metal pins will have, so they will look super glossy also!

Stretch 2 also includes another 4 more designs, this time a little tsundere "peach" colored jelly, a monster jelly with a cat paw inside 😱, and 2 flan jellies inspired by flanom!

Stretch goal 2 is UNLOCKED!

The plating for all 4 of these jellies will be dyed metal, though the hot pink monster jellinom will be particularly neon! 

Stretch goals 3 and 4 are UNLOCKED!

Stretch goals 3 + 4 include glitter foil washi tape of all the "spooky" and "cutesy" jellies!
The bright pink with the speech bubbles will be pink holographic foil
The black X pattern and with the speech bubbles will be a shiny black foil

These pattern mockups are from the files being exported to CMYK and then imported again as RGB, as I unfortunately lost the original file. Please refer to the RGB mockups of the pins in the campaign info for what they will look like, not this!

NEXT is a special edition skull jellinom with holographic glitter to match the stickers! She is UNLOCKED!

Thanks to the poll results so far, after she is funded would be 4 jellinom-inspired bandage designs in sets of 20 bandages per pack! Designs WIP; this unlocks at $2915.


Since Backerkit charges separately, shipping to you doesn't need to be included in base costs! This distribution of funds applies to the base goal as well as the stretch goals.

10% - fees
75% - manufacturing
10% - shipping to me
5% - supplies

"Supplies" may include new packaging materials, though I don't anticipate needing to order any extra at this time. It's impossible to estimate just how much traction the campaign will get, though, so that wiggle room is there just in case! 



Unfortunately like for Kickstarter, despite you being charged immediately upon completion of the campaign once goal has been met, it will still take roughly 2 weeks to deposit into our business account.

This means funds will be received by the first 1/3rd of April, and manufacturing can begin same day. Everything (including stretch goal products) should be in my hands by the end of May. However, unforeseen delays are always a possibility, so I'd expect to receive your rewards from me in mid-June. 

Sticker packs are the only exception to this, as they're all in stock already! If you only pledged for sticker packs, you'll get them ASAP after being charged! 


Shipping & Fulfillment

Backerkit has shipping integrated within the platform! After your initial pledge has gone through, you'll be sent a way to pay the remaining balance for shipping. It's calculated based on weight and of course destination, so this may not be right away as all SKUs will need to be double-checked and surveys completed.

To provide an estimate, US shipping starts at $6, Canada starts at $12, and the rest of the world starts between $13-$14. Asendia is the shipping agent for most international packages, through PirateShip.

Personally, I ship out my pins on backing cards with additional business cards, and in either repurposed bubble mailers or home-compostable mailers with paper "bubble"wrap cushioning.

Once they've arrived, depending on the number of backers, it will take me some time to get them out to you. I had a major medical procedure March 12th, and how recovered I will be by then is a huge "?". I estimate that for every 30 backers for physical items, it will take me an extra 5 business days to get them all out. That's if I don't have any assistance packing and sorting, which I might. I will keep everyone updated on how the situation is looking through the fulfillment process!

Social Media and Credits

Midnight Springs

Fantasy Fox Creations 

Sunny (3D animator)

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