Proud to the Bone 2: Prehistoric Boogaloo

Proud to the Bone 2: Prehistoric Boogaloo

A collection of soft enamel pins featuring prehistoric creatures wearing Pride flower crowns.
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Pintopia 2024
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Pintopia 2024

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Proud to the Bone 2: Prehistoric Boogaloo

Our Proud to the Bone 2 pins set of soft  enamel pins includes 4 individual soft enamel pins featuring prehistoric skeletons wearing flower crowns. These pins feature all available Pride colors on unlock - your flag is not a stretch goal!

Pin Specifications
  • Single Pins: 1.75" in longest dimension
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Fill: soft enamel
  • Finishing: black metal + front-side polished
  • Attachment: two posts + rubber clutches

Hello! We're NerdyKeppie - a team of trans & queer creators led by Spider & Emet Perry. This is our seventh crowdfunding campaign for enamel pins since we started NerdyKeppie seven and a half years ago, and we're  excited to bring you our new soft enamel pin designs!

Pledging ensures that we can afford to produce these pins,  offers discounts when pledging for multiple pins, and any freebies  unlocked during the campaign. Any extra pins will be available at $15 +  shipping on after fulfillment, and if no one pledges for a particular pin + flag combination, we may not order it, so please pledge to make sure that your preferred pin & flag combo get made!

Risk-Free Pledging - backers may always  increase/decrease (or even cancel) pledges at any time during the  crowdfunding campaign. If we reach our base goal, you'll be charged only at the  end of the campaigns. Should we miss our goal, you won't be charged.

Pledge for all of the pin designs you want - locked stretch goals only unlock via pledges, after all. Nothing stinks worse than missing  that last stretch goal by a hair.

Got questions? Check the campaign's FAQs! Still got questions? Ask!


We unlock the Cave Bear pin when we fund!

At $1000, the Parasauralophus pin unlocks in all 14 flags.

When we unlock this stretch goal, we'll add a Proud to the Bone sticker to every pin backer.


Fulfillment & Surveys

We will send out backer surveys as soon as possible after crowdfunding ends and pledges are processed. If your pledge status shows  as errored (card error, card expired, card declined, etc.) and you do  not fix the issue by one week after the campaign ends, we will  automatically drop your pledge. In this case, you will receive no  rewards.

Once surveys are sent out, backers are responsible for answering surveys within 30 days. If you do not answer your survey within 30 days of the survey emails  being sent out, you risk not being able to select the pins you desire;  we will be ordering pins 35 days after the campaign ends, and if certain flag/pin combos are not selected by anyone, we may not order them. In that case you would  have to select from ordered pins; we will not refund pledges in this case.

Likewise, if you do not answer your survey within  45 days after the campaign ends, we will consider your pledge a  donation and you will receive no rewards. In the past we did not  set firm backer deadlines and that led to people expecting to select rewards 2+ years after we finished shipping them, having never answered a  survey and missing or ignoring 25+ emails from us about the matter. We are extremely communicative about our projects -- you'll receive multiple emails from us at every stage, so there's no  way that backers won't know the deadlines are approaching.

  • March 28th: Campaign begins.
  • April 18: Kickstarter ends.
  • 3rd week of May: Backer surveys sent.
  • 3rd week of June: Order placed with pin manufacturer.
  • Early to mid-August: Receipt of pins, shipping begins.
  • Late August to early September: Domestic backers receive rewards.
  • Early October to November: International backers receive rewards.


Backers are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with their  packages. We do not collect or remit VAT or any other taxes; these are the responsibility of backers. We will correctly mark all packages as merchandise with an accurately declared pledge value. We will correctly ignore any requests to mark  packages as "gifts" or with a lower declared value than the pledge  amount.

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NerdyKeppie is not responsible for packages marked 'delivered' by carriers. Provision of a secure shipping address is the responsibility of backers: we cannot replace packages stolen by "porch pirates" or lost to other mishaps after they are marked delivered by carriers. 

International Shipping

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Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, NerdyKeppie cannot ship to  all countries. Please check to see if shipping services in your country  are suspended before pledging by checking the USPS's list of International Mail Service Suspensions.

Due to lack of complete shipping insurance, high rates of package loss, and/or mail embargos, NerdyKeppie is unable to ship to Israel, Russia or Commonwealth of  Independent States countries (Armenia,  Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia,  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia,  Russian Federation,  Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan).  Pledges with shipping addresses in  these countries will be refunded and you will  receive no rewards.

NerdyKeppie uses no algorithmically-created images (commonly and erroneously called "AI") images or text in any of our work, now or ever. 
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