EVERYTHING IS UNLOCKED!!! - ̗̀૮₍⍝• ɷ  •  ⍝₎ა ̖́-  Thank you so mooch everyone for the support ૮₍˵◕´ ɷ `◕ ˵ ₎ა💗
Delicows Plushies  ̖́-

Delicows Plushies ̖́-

Are you ready to enter a world of fluffiness? ̖́- Meet the softest, most funny and colorful moo-moos you could ever hug ૮₍ ˵● ɷ ●˵ ₎ა ♡
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Enter the Delicows World ̖́-

Welcome to the first Quirkory's Plushies campaign! °˖✧◝ʕ˵◕ ヮ ◕˵ʔ◜✧˖°

Quirkory is all about creating adorable little creatures and funny characters to make everyone happy! ☆ ゚。✧°ヾʕ๑ ◕ ꒳  ◕ ๑ヾʔ   And we usually love bringing them to life through nice goodies that you can always have with you (such as
pins, stickers and charms).
This time, we wanted to do it with plushies to bring extra softness ✧˖°  And our Delicows are simply perfect for that!

Okay, but... what are Delicows?
For those who didn't met them yet, in our previous project, Delicows are little soft cows with curious appearance and peculiar personalities! These magical moo-moos live in the sweet and funny world of Delicows Land, one of the many places belonging to the Deliworld (other lands are currently being discovered).
Some of these special cows, like Strawberry Cowream🍓 and Cowpuccino☕, even make some very particular milks... each with its own DELICIOUS taste! Milk flavors can change according to their personality, and each cow acquire it at about one year of age. The drinks they create, can easily change their aroma and temperature depending on what they usually eat and on their daily mood. In fact, the same type of drink can be some days bitter, and other days sweet, sour or even salty or spicy ʕԾ ε Ծ ๑ʔ With a hotter or colder temp~

But not all of these enchanted cows make special milks, though: some of them express their magic in a different way... like our Candy Cowrn, which has the ability to create candies with a really bizzarre way: sneezing! ૮₍ ˵⊙ ɷ ⊙˵ ₎ა🍬 ̖́- Or our little Moorderer, which... well, you can guess it yourself ૮₍๑•̀  ヮ •́๑₎აو ̑̑🔪


Freeebies ̖́-


Real look ̖́-

*Additional infos:
Ages: 14+ The plush has been safety tested, but is not intended for children below 14 years of age. It is a collectible item meant only for 14+ children and adults. Please remove all tags and attachments the same before giving to a child!
Adoption card for you to fill out

Please note that each plush will be slightly different and unique!

Polyester fibers
• Plastic fibers

• Hand wash
• Air dry


Unlockables ̖́-

*ᴀᴅᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ ꜱᴛʀᴇᴛᴄʜ ɢᴏᴀʟꜱ:
If we reach and get over the last stretch goal of €33000 a lot or if we reach 1000 backers, we will most likely add more plushies to this campaign!! And it will be up to you (through a poll here during the campaign)choosing which cow will be the next one to be brought to life in super soft lump of fluff and love ૮₍ ˵● ɷ ●˵ ₎ა ♡  

Add-ons Breakdown ̖́-

You can add one or more of these items when you pledge for at least one plushie. You'll see the add-ons page after clicking on the "Back it" button ૮₍ ˵^ ɷ ^˵ ₎ა

Pledge Levels Breakdown ̖́-


Get to know the moo-moos ̖́-

Our moo-moos are back, but in a softer form this time! Welcome to the Delicows Plushies project preview!

Each plushie is made with super soft and fluffy fabric and they are all approx 24cm (9,45") tall

You will meet different types of moos: some are really sweet, while others can be a little more... sharp 👀🔪✨   Just choose your favorites and bring them at home in plushie form! They will brighten your days with their cute face, their softness and their fluffiness! If you hug and hold them tight, they'll be your daily dose of serotonin!

ꜱᴛʀᴀᴡʙᴇʀʀʏ ᴄᴏᴡʀᴇᴀᴍ
She's a white and red little cow ૮₍๑ • ɷ  • ๑ ₎ა ̖́-  She's the most positive and cheerful little cow of the herd! She always lift everyone's spirit with her creamy creations✨ You can never say no to her moolkshakes! The perfect companion for all the Strawberry&Cream lovers! ૮₍ „ ᵕ  ɷ  ᵕ̤  „₎ა🍓🥛

She may seem small and soft, but her sharpest side shows up fast! So don't think you are safe with her around... Or this is at least what you'll say to everyone who'll bother you. Cause with the little Moorderer by your side, you'll be able to let her speak for you and let anyone know straight away your intentions! ૮₍๑•̀  ɷ  •́๑₎აو ̑̑
She's a pretty edgy spitfire... and she easily goes mad even if you only try to talk to her just wake up! The only one who can reason with her, is her best friend Renoir... a resourceful calm and peaceful little frog with always the right word at the right time,  whom she blindly trusts! ૮₍ ˵´  ɷ  `˵ ₎ა❀°。

And more are waiting to be cuddled too! Although only as concept designs at the moment, we hope you fall in love with them and decide to adopt them the same~

The little Cowpuccino is a light brown moo with some very special white spots! Her mood tends to swing a lot, that's why she needs her little duck friend Sugar Lump by her side! So he can help her sweeten her days ૮₍๑ •́ ɷ •̀ ๑₎ა Poor little one, will you adopt them together and help cheer her up? ʕつ˵•́ ω•̀˵ʔつ✧˖°

ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴄᴏᴡʀɴ
Soft, fluffy and a bit... sticky ૮₍„ > ヮ  <„₎ა  The little Candy Cowrn is awkward and clumsy ૮₍๑ •́  ɷ •̀ ๑₎ა ゚  She can't take a step without rolling her tail in the air. Even if some make fun of her, she doesn't care! because she knows very well that her true friends of the Spooky Cowstumes crew, will always be there to help her get back on her feet! You can be her friend too ૮₍ ˵◕ ɷ ◕˵ ₎ა ♡


Shipping is not included in the tier price, it will be calculated in the BackerKit survey you'll receive via e-mail
Right after the campaign ends you will be charged only the amount you pledged.
The shipping costs will be calculated and added later in your survey.

Shipping fees below are intended from 1 to a maximum of 4 plushies (the more plushies you get, the higher the price). Slight adjustments may happen to the chart below according to final cost estimates with our carriers. The Shipping method provided incude tracking, but does not include insurance.

Please note
that shipping fees are still fluctuating a lot in the latest periods.


Italy: 4-6 business days

Europe (UK included): ~8-20+ business days
North America & Oceania: ~30+ business days
Other countries: ~22-30+ business days

These are only estimates, approximates according to ideal conditions! Please note that delays may always occur due to unforseen events, weather, COVID-19 that is getting serious again in some areas, and/or Customs. Lately Customs inspections are taking even longer: before letting enter packages in the Country, they can hold them even for months, depending on your Country's regulations!

During this period, the list of Countries available for shipments is still in constant updating. If there should be any issues with shipping to your Country at the time of dispatching, we'll promptly inform you and take action accordingly.

If anything changes, you'll find the news in the updates section*


However, VAT may be charged upon arrival:

As you already know, UK Backers (as it is for all extra EU countries) may be charged extra fees once the package arrives in UK. We unfortunately aren't able to tell exactly who might be affected by this or how much would be the charging. Please check your government site to know all the necessary infos about it and know how to eventually make the fees payment.

Delivery times are also affected, being now longer than usual due to the new processing methods that Brexit & new VAT rules have brought. If you are an UK backer, please remember to provide also your phone number when filling the survey out with your address infos! This, to facilitate any eventual important comunication regarding the status of the parcel.


ꜱᴜʀᴠᴇʏꜱ & ᴘʀᴇᴏʀᴅᴇʀ ꜱᴛᴏʀᴇ~

All surveys will be sent through BackerKit after the campaign ends. This will allow all of you backers to add as many additional items to your pledge as you want, even when the campaign has ended! And also everyone who missed the live campaign, will be able to get everything through the pre-orders that we will put on our Backerkit Pre-order Store, after the campaign ended!

The survey email from BackerKit will be sent to you when the campaign is over. It's very important that you fill out the survey as soon as you can! Otherwise, we won't be able to know the quantity of items to put into production.



Here you can have a look at the tentative timeline for this campaign!
Please know that delays may always occur due to unexpected events. Dates are subject to change depending on how many backers pledge, on any eventual production issues or slowdowns that may occur, or even on possible illness that may affect us personally or people that work with us, such as our manufacturers. No matter how long it will take, we will always deliver on our promises in the end ૮₍ ˵● ɷ ●˵ ₎ა♡


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Where you can find us ̖́-

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ʀɪꜱᴋꜱ & ᴄʜᴀʟʟᴇɴɢᴇꜱ~

❖ Colors, features and overall look may differ from the concept design to the actual plush.
❖ Chance of manufacturing defects since they're HANDMADE products. We could have to get replaced if there is a large amount of plushies with major faults. Therefore, the delivery of rewards could be delayed. However, we're working with our trusted manufacturer who has already made our first Plush, so we're confident that the result will be a high-quality one! In any cases, each plush is different and has its unique features, just right because they're handmade!
❖Chance of virus interfering with production and shipping may be consequentely delayed. We will keep backers updated if any type of delay arises.

❖ Chance of packaging processing time taking longer and being consequentely extended if this project receives a large amount of backers. We trust in your patience and understanding. We'll try to keep everyone as much updated as possible through updates posts here on Backerkit and through our socials, during the whole production phase.

❖ Due to the nature of the project, there will be no refunds or returns. We do not accept order cancellations after the campaign is ended.
❖ If your pledge is succesfully collected, it will be intended that you have fully read over the campaign page, understood and accepted the above risks, conditions and estimated timelines.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project