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Project Update: Moo-rvelous news! Production completed 🐮🎉

The production of our adorable and cuddly moo-moo plushies has been finally completed ૮₍ ˵ಢ ɷ ಢ˵ ₎ა  And we're udderly excited to announce that they're currently on their way to us! 🚂📦

Together with our manu we've been working tirelessly to bring these plushies to life as we wanted and with the highest quality possible. And we couldn't have done it without all of your support and moosive contributions! ૮₍ ˵´  ɷ  `˵ ₎ა❀°。We're so grateful 🐄❤️

We know you're all eager to get your hooves on your plushies, and we can't blame you! It'll take approximately 45 working days for them to arrive to us by train, but trust us when we say it'll be worth the wait! ૮₍❀^ ɷ ^❀₎ა We'll be sure to keep you updated along the way as soon as we get news (the tracking will start update only when the packages reach our Country. Hoping for the best during this long journey ૮ฅ  „´> ᆺ < „ა")

In the meantime, our lovely manu sent us a lot of production photos, and we couldn't resist sharing them with you! Take a look at these a-moo-sing shots and get ready to squeal with delight! ૮₍ „>/ヮ//<„₎ა  ̖́-

Keep an eye out for any eventual further update, and get ready to snuggle up with your very own Delicows plushie soon! 🐮💕

Oh and for those who adopted also Miele -the Honey Bear 🍯🐻 in the Pre-order Store, good news too! Its production is completed as well and it's coming together with the moo-moos! Yay!!!  ʕっ  „´  ꒳ `„ʔっ✧˖° ♡

so many boxes... 😳

Strawberry Cowream bb 🐮🍓

Cowpuccino bb 🐮

Moorderer bb 🐮🔪

Mini Plushies bbs ̖́-

Miele -the Honey Bear bb 🍯🐻





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