Justin D. Jacobson (Board Game Necromancer)
8 months ago

Project Update: Production Photos and a Player Aid

Production is well underway for the 2nd printing of the base game. Note the "Version 2.0" marking on the bottom of the bottom slip sheet.

Meanwhile, having finished up the print materials for the base game, Panda are now starting production on Covenant and the other items. We are still on target for our existing fulfillment timeline. We'll do another update when games start getting onto boats. Until then, have a look at the folks at Capable building a whole bunch of Towers.

Finally, if you haven't heard of the Esoteric Order of Gamers, he's an amazing graphic designer and artist (whose even worked on a few of our games). But he also puts out the best player aids around. He just released a player aid for Return to Dark Tower. Have a look, you might find it super handy.




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