Justin D. Jacobson (Board Game Necromancer)
5 months ago

Project Update: Fulfillment Update: Closer But Not There Yet

We know you all have been very patient as we've dealt with several issues getting this campaign to the finish line. We are definitely getting closer, but we're not quite there yet. We did get some more information from our manufacturer about why the production has taken longer than typical and longer than we anticipated.

(As an aside, you might have noticed that BackerKit moved updates from a separate tab to a sub-category on the regular Communication page. You can filter for updates or sort by date. If you see folks having trouble finding an update, please point them in the right direction. Not sure how I feel about the change myself, but it's not like I have any control over it anyway.)

The major cause of the manufacturing delay was a shipment of paper that was unusable. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it meant that they couldn't print any cards. And we're not talking about a few sheets either; it was their entire supply. So they had to make an additional order and wait for delivery. Again, not something you can just pop down to the local Office Depot to pick up. Unsurprisingly, delays like this can compound, backing up a number of projects. This was really a major disruption to the process.

On the plus side, things are now back on track. We are still looking at about a month until they are ready to ship from the manufacturer to the fulfillment hubs, which would mean fulfillment starting sometime in September. As usual, I'll provide another update and a firmer date as things progress. In the last update, I mentioned that we would look at shipping the base games out separately from the expansions. However, the games are still not at the hubs. That possibility is not something we can really explore until that happens. We are advised that it's likely not possible given their workflow, but we will give a firm answer when we have it.

Obviously, this is not great news, but we'd rather be transparent than try to gloss over it. Part of crowdfunding is that you all get a much closer look at the production process than usual. Stuff like this can happen from time to time, but you never see it.

In the meantime, addresses remain unlocked on your survey. If you need to go in and update it, you should be ok. We have heard some folks having trouble changing their state. It's always best to delete all fields and re-enter them from scratch. If you still have issues, please email [email protected], and they will get it done for you. And if you have any other issues or questions, please contact us at help[email protected]. Thanks for your continued patience.




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