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4 months ago

Project Update: Fulfillment Status + Playtesting + Gen Con + Tower Plushie

This update is coming a little later than I would have liked. We had another issue with the factory that we had to hear back about before I could report back to you all. If you also backed our Unmatched Adventures campaign, you've already heard the news: The factory was hit by a typhoon. In that campaign, it did not impact the timeline. Unfortunately, for Covenant, it did result in a delay of a couple of weeks. Speaking broadly, we expect the product to be ready to ship in the next couple of weeks and fulfillment to now begin in October. Once the games get on the boat, that will let us narrow down the window more precisely. I'm sorry for the delay, but these kinds of things can happen -- you just don't hear about them for games that go straight to retail. All we can do is pass on the best information we have and keep you updated. But if anything else happens, I'm going to start suspecting Isa.

Meanwhile, we have wrapped up the initial build of the latest version of the app, and we wanted to get it tested before everyone gets their hands on it. So, if you are interested in playtesting the new app build, we'd love to have your help. IMPORTANT: In order to playtest, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. This is print-and-play only. You must be able to print your own Covenant expansion materials.
  2. You must have an android device to use the playtest version of the app. (Sorry, no iOS devices.)
  3. You must have the Alliances expansion (to borrow the power skulls to simulate the doom skulls).
  4. You must be able to get in a few games during the playtest period from August 7-28.

If you meet the criteria and would like to playtest, please sign up using this form.

As most of you probably know, we'll be at Gen Con next week. All of the Covenant events are filled up. However, if you want to come by and see it in action, we're running them pretty much all day, every day in Hall B at the Restoration Games HQ (along with Unmatched tournaments and a bunch of other fun things).

And, finally, you might recall a prior poll for an RTDT plushie that we're working on with Makeship. Well, I got the prototype, and -- I never thought I'd say this about the Tower -- it's adorable. I mean, it even comes with a little felt skull you can tuck into it. We'll have more info about it -- and a contest to win a free plushie -- in October.

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