Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures for 5E and Pathfinder 2e

Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures for 5E and Pathfinder 2e

With Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures, you finally get a chance to play as a monster in your 5E and Pathfinder 2e games. Add thousands of unique player and GM options to your games that you can't find anywhere else!
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Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Monsters for 5E and Pathfinder 2e

Between Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons and Year of Monsters, I have player options I would have never thought could possibly be balanced, but here they are. And they’re also really helpful in building NPCs. 
~ Alexander Ren Eldritch

We're launching this crowdfunding campaign to help us create a print run for the hardcover version of the Year of Monsters PDF compilation. Additionally, if the campaign funds, we'll add over 10% more pages of brand new content to all copies of the Year of Monsters compilation, digital and print, no matter where you bought it. This is your chance to catch the Year of Monsters if you haven't already and to help us ensure we have enough books for those who find out about it later, rather than just a print-on-demand by preorder only.

There are a few new things we are adding to the hardcover. If we get funded, these new player options will be added to the Hardcover book:
  • Slimeheart: A versatile heritage for characters of other ancestries who have become infused with slime.
  • Faerie Scion: A versatile heritage for the children of sidhe, as well as those who were forever changed when they ate the faerie food and drank the faerie drinks.
  • Demonic Marauder: An archetype allowing a demon character to spend class feats to gain even more of their demonic power back in exchange, akin to the draconic ravager and dragon mage archetypes from Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons.
  • Nymph Queen: An archetype allowing a nymph character to gain sovereignty over the land, spending class feats for significant power, akin to the draconic ravager and dragon mage archetypes from Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons.
  • Yai Adept: An archetype allowing an oni character to gain greater power from the elemental wellspring that empowers yai oni, potentially even ascending to the power of a void yai, by spending class feats akin to the draconic ravager and dragon mage archetypes from Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons.

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What Do I Get With Each Playable Monster?
  • Every race averages around 7,000 words (approximately 18-20 pages of PDF content), with some over 10k words! Yes, this does include 5E races, which are massive and packed with player options!
  • In-world lore entry by Aitheria Nyx, Herald of the space Element and Advocate of Monsters, with an overview of the ancestry and their role in the world as an independent character rather than a monster
  • Ancestry Introduction: An overview of the ancestry's basic information and lore
  • Ancestry Pitch: A quick one-sentence pitch at the end of the introduction on why you might play this ancestry¬†
  • Common Preconceptions: Information on your ancestry and what others think of them¬†
  • Naming Conventions: Discussion of the ancestry's naming methodology¬†
  • Sample names: A list of sample names along the lines of the naming conventions and sometimes with allusions to famous names related to the ancestry
  • Traits and base rules: All the basic rules to build your character!¬†
  • Physical description: What does a character of this ancestry look like?¬†
  • Society description: How do characters of this ancestry act with each other and with other ancestries?¬†
  • At least four societal subgroups: Each group has its own unique perspective; the ancestry is not a monolith¬†
  • Alignment and religious information: Some basic tendencies for the ancestry's alignments and religious choices¬†
  • Popular anathema and edicts: The "Dos and "Don'ts" that some members of the ancestry follow¬†
  • At least four heritages or subraces: Each with distinctive flavor and abilities to alter your playstyle¬†
  • Numerous ancestral feats: Various feat options allow you to master the ancestry's power from 1st level to 17th level (PF2) or 16th level (5e).¬†
  • 5e Backgrounds: The 5e version also has a minimum of three backgrounds with plenty of Features and Suggested Characteristics. In exchange, the Pathfinder 2e version has even more feats, since Pathfinder 2e needs more ancestry feats.


  • Become an embodiment of evil who rejected your original sin
  • Balance your newfound freedom with your desire to restore your fiendish powers
  • Find your own way without your sin deciding your destiny


  • Become a cunning shapeshifter
  • Impersonate humanoids and engage in espionage and trickery
  • Transform yourself selectively for mobility and combat


  • Become a sapient dungeon with a living avatar
  • Turn your dungeon traps and denizens to your own advantage
  • Delve deep into the dungeon within to unlock your mysteries and gain special rewards


  • Become an embodiment of mischief
  • Bedevil your foes with curses, traps, and bad luck
  • Play pranks, break things, and make mayhem

Intelligent Weapons

  • Become an intelligent weapon and wield yourself---or forget about being a separate character and let your friend wield you instead!
  • Gain new activations and powers or reforge yourself into new forms and with new materials
  • Find your place in a world that takes objects for granted


  • Become a shapeshifter disguised as an inanimate object
  • Set a trap for your unsuspecting foes and teach them an object lesson
  • Manipulate your form and your mimic adhesive


  • Become a bovine minotaur
  • Focus on strength and charge at foes, or rely on your cunning instead
  • Find your own way through life's labyrinth


  • Become an embodiment of nature's beauty
  • Gain primal magic manifesting your connection to the land around you
  • Wander the world, no longer bound to a single ward


  • Become a failed kami risen again in a new form
  • Use magic and might to experience all life has to offer you
  • Double-cross the wicked one who granted you the power to seize control of your own life


  • Become the living embodiment of faerie tales
  • Follow the whims of Fate, which plays out by storybook logic
  • Call in servants, build a miniature pocket realm, and enforce the rules of the fae


  • Become a sapient slime with a magical nucleus
  • Evolve new powers and abilities
  • Ooze, flow, shift, and transform!


  • Become a medusakin with snakes for hair
  • Talk to your hair and other snakes, as your hair snakes try to help you notice things
  • Find your place in a world unfamiliar with your new ancestry¬†

Year of Monsters gives balanced options you didn't know you needed!  It's a great way to customize your game! 
~ GM ExC 


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Battlezoo has been synonymous with quality, and the Year of Monsters has continued this legacy. 
~ Neonivek



Year of Monsters has been an incredible source of player options that I can trust are balanced. If it fits thematically, it fits mechanically! 
~ alficles


If you want to learn more about the Battlezoo Ancestires line, the Year of Monsters, or the world of Battlezoo, please check out the following videos!

I made a cowboy ghost slime. My wife made a doppelgänger rogue. My god, I've never seen such paranoia after that.
~ Noscul 

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Where to Find Us

Roll For Combat has quite a vibrant community. Feel free to join us and watch us play a game or two! You can also join our Discord to ask us questions, play an RPG game, or just chat!

Before I bought Year of Monsters, I had hundreds of unused character concepts I wanted to play. Now I have thousands. 
~ DemiLuna 


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