Submerged Studio
7 months ago

Project Update: WE DID IT!

We did it everyone! Austin and I are so excited about this! I don't think I have felt this jazzed about a crowdfunding project since my very first one. I feel like we're stepping into a whole new world of art and creativity, and that this is just the beginning.

Now begins the process of figuring out how the funding and fullfillment parts of backerkit works. I will be sending surveys out today, and we will begin pulling everything together to jump the moment the funds hit our bank.

Please remember that shipping will be added on to your pledge at this point. 

One exciting thing. This is an official Submerged Studio project, and so this year the book has.. an ISBN! That's right, it's all official and shiny!

To celebrate all of this... Austin and I have an announcement. And it's coming by bringing back an old friend who's stumbled on something strange....

It’s not often these days that something crosses my desk that truly catches my attention. If you had asked me a few months ago would I believe that something like this could actually exist outside of a fairy tale or a myth of old I would have told you no. But something has changed.

This will be a long term, intense project and so is not expected to launch until early 2025. We'll be setting up a page that will let you follow along as we work, and create something awesome. 




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