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2 months ago

Project Update: How are things?

Greetings everyone! I wanted to do a little 'few months later' update with you all. I'll be going over where we had issues, how we're approaching them, and what's coming next.

Missing Items:
All told, we did have two packages go out that were missing an item, but that was a slip up on our part and we're sorting it out so that the next backer event doesn't have that issue. We'll be arranging our shipping so it's an assembly line with three check points before the box is sealed and labeled. That way SOMEONE will catch it if something is missing. Those two packages have been sent out this week so if you're one of the two you should expect your items asap.

Contacting Us:
If you are missing anything and didn't contact us, please please message me! [email protected] is my email, or you can go to and open a chat message on the site there. OR you can message me on facebook if you have any of our facebook accounts (personal or business). I do want to make sure that we are easy to get ahold of when needed. I know that getting ahold of us was a bit of a concern with the campaign, so we'll be making sure to have contact information very clearly labeled in future events.

Clearer Language:
There were some communication issues with the way we wrote out the various tiers, so we're working on making the language more clear and easy to understand.

Returning Backer Bonuses:
We will be adding a special gift for previous backers with the next event. The great thing about this platform is it has a rewards system for people who have pledged to other campaigns in the past. We'll be able to offer exclusive bonuses for returning backers, and I'm crazy excited about it.

What's Coming Up Next:
We have two planned books coming up. Little Comforts 2 (of the revamped series), and the bestiary. The bestiary is scheduled for May of next year, Little Comforts will be it's usual schedule for 2024.

Plushies? Jessica used to make plushies of the Toku creatures, and we are now looking into how to get them made so that we can offer a line of cute Toku. We would like to have either those, or toku figurines coming up soon.

Ornaments? A while back we did a metal oroboros dragon christmas ornament that went over really well. Creating another christmas metal ornament is pretty high on our wish list, so we'll be working towards that as well.

outside of the crowdfunding platforms, we are bringing back the patreon, with exclusive content, prints, and other items. We've just started a new tier that lets you participate in creating new toku creatures, with the end result of a print being mailed to you of the final creature. Once every three months a new one will be designed and sent out. I'm pretty excited for it. If you want to know more, check out:  Submerged Studio | creating Fine art and fantastical worlds | Patreon   It's the tier called "The Scientists"

Finally.. thanks again everyone. I'm so happy with how this went, and Austin and I have found a renewed creativity and excitement in what we do. We'll be meeting every wednesday to work on the various projects we have going on and we can't wait to share more with you. 




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