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Project Update: Last few hours update!

Hi everyone sorry I wanted to keep everyone more updated but and I knew this was a potential issue before I ran the campaign I’d been experiencing the symptoms of a minor migraine and usually the best option for me is to avoid looking at bright screens for a little bit to hopefully shoo it away c’:

Sending out a huge thank you to everyone for supporting the campaign and I’m so excited to have everything in person for real life! I’ve already started the samples for the honeypurrs & kitants as I’m too impatient for seeing how those will turn out haha

 I’ve added this little tea kitty to the pins as people have requested them and I love this cutie too 🙈

and still have a teapot and a few others planned and am hoping I’ll be able to add them but I may add them to the preorder store after the campaign! (They’ll stay the same price for backers maybe even a little additional discount/ bundles)
Forgive the Sketchy little cuties!

This is Rose she’ll be added to the preorder store as an additional exclusive pin for the collaboration with WingedWabbits! (Not a freebie or else I’d be broke but I hope you like her!)

Strawpurry Tea pin
Goal: $8,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!
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