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Project Update: Surveys and some pin previews!!

Hi everyone I launched the smoke screen and just couldn’t wait so I’ve launched all the surveys now!!
In good news I’m feeling much better and am on a medication that’s helping so far.


To those who backed by adding add ons and missed “pawty favour tier” I messed up during my brain fog it was supposed to be a limited number tier event for my birthday but if your campaign order was over $110AUD i’ll be treating it as a Pawty favour box and add one of everything even though the survey won’t state this because I honestly forgot but I’ll inform the backerkit staff!
(Please note this is applied for the campaign funds not preorder store)

Preorder store:

I’ve added the special colour of the collaboration pin to the preorder store alongside Rose the bunnerfly any additional pins will have a minimum unlock of 5 orders just so I can guarantee enough interest in the designs not for funding specifically! 

Please know I will balance orders out and no one will leave empty handed, if I have to eat costs i will I was hoping to plan through and avoid this happening but I hate to leave anyone upset so if it’s extra pins, stickers or faster shipping don’t be surprised! C: 

Everyone has been incredibly kind and supportive and I’m so looking forward to my next campaign which will be the long anticipated Momo plushie!
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