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7 Deadly Pins

7 Deadly Pins

A series of enamel pins depicting the seven deadly sins in our own aesthetic~!
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Pintopia 2024
#Black Metal

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


Let's talk about those 7 Deadly Pins

7 Deadly Pins is pretty self-explanatory but to put it simply, is a collection of 2-inch pins inspired by the 7 deadly sins! This series of pins plays with its own set of iconography and design while incorporation elements closely linked with each sin.

Here is the set as it stands now:

All of these pins will be hard white and black enamel and feature cut-ins alongside gold metal with recessed inlays. The red will be translucent and have a 'stained glass' look to it.
Here are a couple prototypes we had made!

Here's a little artwork mockup showing a little more of the red effect in case the photo's aren't super clear!

Right now this campaign allows you the option to select one of these pins or the entire set as a reward tier with add-ons to accommodate those who want to purchase others. We left the single-sin reward tier open for backers to make their choices during the survey stage. So if you're not sure what pin you'd be interested in now, you can always make that future-you's problem! Hehe.


Rewards & Stretch Goals

On top of the rewards we are offering with the campaigns fulfillment of the main pin set, we are also trying our hand at a couple of freebies for those who return as backers or who pledge early (play your cards right you can snag a bunch of fun little freebies during this campaign!
EARLY BIRDS -- backing within the first 48 hours of a campaign grants you a free campaign-exclusive sticker in a gold finish. You can choose from any of these unlocked designs!

RETURNING BACKERS -- backers who have pledged to a campaign of ours before will get a free 4x6 sticker sheet!

Of course a fancy crowdfunding campaign by yours truly wouldn't be complete without a series of stretch goals.

We have a couple planned for this campaign too~ Check them out!

This will be unlocked upon Funding and will only be given to backers who back both this campaign AND our collaborative partner's, Infinity of Pins campaign for any physical reward tier. This pin is campaign exclusive and will not be available in our shop afterwards.

This pin will be unlocked and given for free to all backers who pledge to both Infinity of Pins AND the 7 Deadly Sins reward tier on this campaign. This pin is also campaign exclusive and will not be available in our shop afterwards.

This sticker will already be available for FREE to all early bird backers!! But if we unlock this goal we'll offer it as an add-on available to all backers!

This sticker sheet will already be available for FREE to all returning backers!! But if we unlock this goal we'll offer it as an add-on available to all backers!

When we unlock sticker and all subsequent stickers, early-bird backers will already be able to decide which FREE sticker they would like from the unlocked designs and each unlock design will be available as an add-on for all backers!

This PDF will be unlocked for all backers of this campaign! Its a work in progress zine that goes over all of my design choices for the pins! (And potentially the rest of the goodies we unlock~)

Wahoo we unlocked ALL the stickers-- I wonder what MORE we have in store!

Crowdfunding & Shipping

If you're here you've probably backed a project of ours before on Kickstarter. Backerkit is kind of the same thing~! We've had help from these guys for post-campaign fulfillment on a few of our previous projects so we're happy to try out their crowdfunding side of things!

Like Kickstarter, this is an all-or-nothing. If we make our goal we get the prize: a whole bunch of pins!!! If not? Better luck next time! The project is sidelined for a little while until we can figure something else out.

Unlike Kickstarter, shipping fees get tacked on only once the campaign is over. This is pretty nice on our end, whatever tier you pledge for goes directly to the goal, shipping isn't factored in so there's less of a headache on our end calculating all the math.

BUT that DOES leave you, the backers, a bit in the dark. So here's a handy little chart of shipping estimates we've concocted so you're not too surprised when we're down to fulfilling.

These prices are generally the same as most of the previous campaigns I've run regarding pins. We spend a great deal of our energy and efforts shipping pins. All these numbers are rounded up to the nearest dollar to give you all an idea what our rates are like. (Sorry internationals, you're just real far away, it is possible we'd get a discount rate shipping with CANPOST on big bulk orders like this but I can't confirm until after the campaign so I prefer to err on the side of caution)!

Generally most of our add-ons are created so that they won't cost you anything extra to ship! Some slightly bigger items (mostly the displays) might require a $1-2 shipping bonus because we'll have to put them in a slightly bigger box for ya.


Terms & Conditions-Ish

I don't usually do a FULL terms and conditions but here are a few things to keep in mind when backing a campaign of mine (on top of the Backerkit Rules/Terms).

  • Feel free to reach out and ask us questions. We will be available to answer them as much as the two of us can! We're only 2 people behind this project so we aren't a full Operation. Giving us a good 3 business days leeway time to answer you is preferred!

  • It generally takes a couple weeks for all your payments to process and for things to hit our bank accounts. Please help us help you and be sure to answer surveys and submit payment information in a timely manner.
  • We will be open and honest about our process and keeping backers up to date with any delays. We generally update once a month once a campaign is completed. Please don't pester us for more updates than this... we can't make things go faster. Again, we are just 2 people doing the best we can.
  • Once everything's been shipped from a campaign we typically close a project within 6 months. After that point if you do not fill your survey we will not be obligated to ship your items out to you. Please make sure your email is accessible and you have updates from us turned on. We don't generally spam and try to limit updates to about once a month unless things are progressing faster. 
  • We don't accept returns. However, you still have the 6 month leeway to get back to us about any significant issues in your rewards. Significant issues do not include any changes to the pin designs (they are not final until they are final). Small surface scratches to not count as significant issues.  Please refer to our shop's refund/return policy. That same policy applies here.

Don't worry we'll have several pertinent reminders about deadlines and such as things crop up. Keep in mind, crowdfunding projects support a business. Ours work a lot as a pre-order system. We've had people expect literal perfection from us. We're still indie, and small. We generally respond better to patience and understanding when you shoot us an email with an issue. We can't keep track of everything (as much as we'd love to) so a little kindness goes a long way.

Who are we??


So you know about our project, you know who we're working with but you probably want to know a bit about US behind the project (if you don't know us all already).

Well the one behind this particular project goes by Winter Jay (Hi, hello) and I run a small queer business with my fiancée, Tas. We call it Windy & Wallflower after the usernames we were using when we met! The two of us are based out of Montreal, Canada these days and spend our time making comics and stories mostly, but have recently gotten our fingers into designing a whole lot of fun and neat objects.

Enamel Pins have been in our wheelhouse since the pin-craze started! We've got a LOT of practice with them and know pretty well how the process works and how to handle them.
Here's a few funky little pictures of pins we've made before:

Pintopia 2024

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

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(These are the Freebies from the campaign but BOTH our campaigns developed 2 more pins you can acquire through stretch goals or by buying them outright):


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