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Wondermark Pins! They’re Great

Wondermark Pins! They’re Great

Bring the most famous characters, creatures and sentiments from Wondermark into your life with this collection of enamel pins!
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About Wondermark

Wondermark is a comic strip that I've been creating and publishing online since 2003! (Not a typo.)

It's created in collage style, using imagery from vintage 19th-century books. It's full of weird ideas and strange creatures!

Now, some of Wondermark's characters and sentiments are coming to this campaign – in pin form!!

New Pins

I am launching TEN new pins in this campaign!

Whether you're familiar with Wondermark or not, I hope one or more of these designs will resonate with you! 

(Note: The below images are mockups. Final art might be modified a bit once we move into manufacturing. But this'll be pretty close.)


Are you tired of sea lions? They should probably just go away. 

Based on Wondermark comic #1062
This design is also available as a sticker (in the add-ons section of this campaign).


Wow, take a look at that elephant! He looks pretty dang sick. Let's commemorate this moment with a pin! 

Norbert the sick elephant is featured in the lengthy Wondermark storyline that begins here.


These dodos really want the time. And what will they do with it once they have it? Why, kill it, of course. 

Based on Wondermark comic #729.


When you have so many books that you start drowning in them, you're going to have to figure out how to breathe them. It's a survival adaptation! 

Based on Wondermark comic #442. 
There is also a bibliophibian sticker available (in the add-ons section). 


The Piranhamoose is a recurring character in Wondermark. It is big, and weird, and awesome, and definitely has big piranhamoose energy. 

There are also a few different piranhamoose stickers available (in the add-ons section).


The very fancy badge that they should hand out to grown-ups. 

Based on Wondermark #552.
This slogan is also available as a bumper sticker, OR as an enamel pin SHAPED like a bumper sticker. Both are in the add-ons section.


Hey, when you're bright, be loud. 

Based on Wondermark #302.


This isn't based on any specific comic per se, but I just think it's a funny idea. 

The attitude on display is reminiscent of Wondermark #844, perhaps.


Once again, not based on any specific comic. But, one clear recurring theme in Wondermark is what happens when people commit to doing things in their very own special way. 

The above panel is from Wondermark #445.
See also #734.
This slogan is ironic, because I have ALSO published a list of Tinkerer's Rules! I'm playing both sides of the issue, here!!

This final pin is not available to buy – you can get it free as part of the Pintopia cross-collab program! More on this below...

Pledge Tiers

You can select your pledge level for as many pins as you want (up to all nine that are buyable – the tenth is a freebie, as described below). 

By selecting a tier, you're just specifying how many pins you want. Click the blue Back It button and you will be able to choose from the following options:

  • As you can see, as you get more pins, each additional pin is cheaper than the previous one! This is a special technique I call "What a bargain!!"

  • Later, I will ask you to indicate both (a) which specific ones you want me to send you and (b) what your shipping address is. 

  • This info is collected in the pledge manager – so not today! I will send you a link once the campaign ends. You will also pay any shipping costs at that time.

For now, all you have to decide is how many to pledge for! Select the tier that represents that number, and you're good to go!!

duplicates count (you don't need to choose exactly one of each design)! 

  • All nine new pins are ALSO available as add-ons, if you want to REALLY load up on pins. 

  • Before getting any add-ons, you do need to START with SOME pledge tier. Then you can add additional items, as you like.

Optional Add-Ons

You can also select additional items as add-ons to your pledge!

These include my previous pin designs (shown below), as well as various Wondermark stickers.

Plus more things! Be sure to browse the add-on section THOROUGHLY after you make your pledge.

Don't count any add-on pins when you select your "2 Pins" tier, or whatever. (The tier just counts the NEW pins.) 

Then, you can add any extra stuff to your pledge as the second step.

I'm only offering the above Warning Stickers as full 8-piece sets in this campaign, but if you want any of them à la carte, you can find them at my online store.

Shipping Costs

The pledge tiers cover the price of the pins, but shipping fees will be charged AFTER the campaign, in the pledge manager.

When the time comes to enter your address and select your pins, we will calculate shipping based on where you live, and charge you at that time.

This is because shipping rates are subject to change, so we reserve the right to modify them if there is a huge spike between now and when we're ready to ship.

But here is what we estimate, and so, what you can probably expect (this info is also in the table above):

  • USA, 1–3 pins: Add $2 per pin
  • USA, 4+ pins: Everything ships free – no second charge!
  • Outside USA, 1–6 pins: Add $3 per pin
  • Outside USA, 7+ pins: Everything ships free – no second charge!

The "4 pins" tier (and above) ship for free in the US!
The "7 pins" tier (and above) ship for free worldwide!

Add-on pins do not count toward the "free shipping" total, but also, they do not add any additional shipping cost on their own. Most add-ons are tossed into your package for free! Only bulky stuff (like books) will add additional cost, and even then, it's unlikely to be more than a few bucks.

So the most you will ever pay for shipping pins is $6 (3 pins in the US) or $18 (6 pins outside the US). Step up one tier, and though you have added more pins, that shipping cost gets wiped away.

It's like magic!

Note for non-U.S. backers: We do not collect or remit GST, VAT, or customs fees. If your country charges import fees or taxes, those will be your responsibility.

Pintopia 2024

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th – April 18th.

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Visit my collaborator, Peter! ⤵️


Sounds Good!

I hope so! I've worked hard to come up with some stuff I think is cool. If you agree, I'm grateful for your pledge!

If you have any questions about this campaign, you can feel free to ping me on Twitter (I refuse to call it by any other name) @malki or on Bluesky @davidmalki.com

You can also follow Wondermark comics on the internet for free and be notified when I post new stuff!

Thank you for reading down this far, it's always a treat to know someone has scrolled so much!!
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