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D&D Pins

D&D Pins

25 hilarious Dungeons & Dragons-themed pins inspired by 25 years in the hobby + featuring guest art by Shen, Megan McKay (Good Boye Guild), J. L. Westover (Mr. Lovenstein), Matthew J. Wills (Swords Comic) and AC Stuart (Your D&D Stories, College Humor)
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Pintopia 2024

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


I'm Peter Chiykowski, creator of the award-winning webcomic Rock Paper Cynic and the crowdfunding sensation Story Engine Deck!

I've been playing D&D for 25 years! To celebrate, I've designed pins inspired by the ridiculous situations that come to life around the gaming table: from player shenanigans, to unlikely dice rolls, to half-baked party plans that go disastrously wrong, to half-baked party plans that go improbably right!

I've also invited fellow webcomic artists to join the lineup with some guest designs!

Thanks to my friend Mathias Semmann, who designed the "Read Fast, Die Old" pin for me back in 2017!

Please note that all prices in this campaign are in USD.


All standard pins are 1.5" in soft enamel with two posts featuring rubber-backed clasps. Most of these pins are brand new for the campaign, but a few pins are coming back by popular demand via stretch goals and achievements!

New Pin Designs

By AC Stuart (Awoo!, Your D&D Stories, College Humor)

Back by Popular Demand

Note that pin colors and design details may vary slightly in final production.

Pledge now and get up to 5 FREE bonus pins!

The Cross-Collab Skeleton Pins are ONLY available to backers who pledge my campaign and that of my pin partner David Malki (Wondermark).

Don't worry if you miss out on the early bird pin or returning backer pin. Individual Mimic Pins can be added on separately for $8 at any point in the campaign.

We offer tracked, customs-friendly local shipping to the US, UK, Canada, and EU. We also ship internationally to most countries.*

Shipping, UK/EU VAT, and Canadian GST/HST will be charged in the pledge manager in US dollars after the campaign. Below are converted estimates for the shipping cost of all reward tiers, as well as add-ons (which are charged per item).

Please note that due to lapses in carrier availability, I currently can't deliver to Brazil, Ukraine, or Russia.

Shipping Policy

If your rewards are returned or lost due to an error that I make or the postal carrier makes, I will send your reward again free of charge. If your rewards are returned due to a mistake you make (e.g., wrong address, not picking up parcel before it gets returned), I will ask you to pay for shipping and then reship your parcel. If your parcel is lost due to mishandling by the postal carrier, I will support you in opening a claim against them and offer a discount on placing a replacement pledge. If a parcel is lost through no fault of mine or the postal carrier, I unfortunately won't be able to offer free replacements.

Please note that all prices in this campaign are in USD.

You can add-on additional pins for $15.

The 3 Mimic Pins (early bird, $75+ backer, and returning backers) cost $8 each to add-on.

You can also pick up a few other collectibles!

Signed and sketched* books

The add-ons include signed and either sketched or inscribed copies of my previous books!

*The is one exception to this: The Story Engine Anthologies being shipped to backers in the UK or EU will likely not be signed or sketched/inscribed.

Unfortunately, I won't have the opportunity to personalize the sketches or inscriptions, but every book will get one (with the exception above)!

Travel Dice Towers

I'm also offering travel-friendly dice towers that can be assembled or packed flat in seconds and stored inside your gaming binder.

There are a variety of designs. Each one is designed to be set up or packed down in under one minute. My dice towers are made in a small Canadian workshop with a laser cutter, bringing together the best in human creativity and robot precision.


All pin designs unlocked!


Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

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