Return to Dark Tower Second Printing and New Covenant Expansion

Return to Dark Tower Second Printing and New Covenant Expansion

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Justin D. Jacobson (Board Game Necromancer)
about 1 year ago

Project Update: Gain a Corruption … or Twelve

New Corruptions 

Let’s talk about everybody’s favorite part of Return to Dark Tower: corruptions. The most important thing about them is that you lose the game if you would ever get a third one. (Well, depending on which hero you’re playing, he said forebodingly.) But one of the subtle aspects of them is their effects. Often, they can have only a minimal impact, but every once in a while, they can really “THROW A SPANNER IN THE WORKS” as Hakan would say.

For Covenant, I thought it might be cool to add some new corruptions to mix things up. And I thought it might also be “fun” if the effects hit a little harder and weirder. I quickly found, as I started writing them, that the ideas were tumbling out of me. In no time, I had a cool twelve. After just a bit of playtesting, it was clear that this was working. Of course, there was a good bit more development, and a few of them ended up getting changed. But overall they are a great new addition to the game.

I’m particularly excited that they offer players another simple way to tweak their desired difficulty. You can sprinkle just a few into the corruption deck without too much trouble. Or you can swap the original deck for the new ones wholesale for some truly perilous play. After all, it’s one thing to lose a spirit after you Reinforce at a bazaar and a whole different matter if you can’t Battle level 2 foes. You’re so vain….

I also really like the little story they tell with just a name. You’ve become Inobservant? I guess you didn’t see any of the goodies drop when you hit the foes hard enough. Normally too cautious to roll the haggle die when you Reinforce? Well, you’re hero isn’t – they’re Reckless.

It’s always a treat when one of the smallest parts of the game has a big impact. Have fun storming the Tower when you’re Timid.

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