A refillable, reusable, washable deodorant applicator that comes with a unique, natural ‘powder to liquid’ deodorant. Bringing luxury, sustainability, and goodness to the mundane world of deodorants.

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The world’s most compact German-engineered rowing machine!
Lancer Tactics
A tactics video game set in a world of fighting against border and climate injustice.
Tech Belt
The belt that opens with a button press. Tougher than Steel.
Raven RPG
A TTRPG of Gothic Horror & Cursed Magic inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
A multi-use nesting silicone can colanders for your kitchen!

NanoFoamer PRO
Prepare premium micro foamed milk for your coffee at the touch of a button.
Flexi Jar
FINAL DAYS! Unique multi-function Food Box for travel & party | Earth Sustainable!
Phaylen’s Journal For 5E
Craft over 100 new magic items from unique components & expanded tools.
Agueda, Color Field, & Donut Shop
ENDS TONIGHT! 3 amazing tile-laying games for gamers of all ages.
Soul of Ankiril 
A strategic card game where you can summon powerful creatures!

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