Frequently Asked Questions

What is BackerKit?
We help crowdfunding creators raise additional funds, reach new backers, and solve their fulfillment logistics. Over the years, we’ve helped creators survey 15.5 million backers and raise $331 million. We’ve also worked with more than 10,000 crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, including Dispel Dice, OYO NOVA Gym, and Frosthaven.

I am a first-time crowdfunding creator looking for help. Where should I start?
We're glad you here! You can start by joining our community and get your questions answered.

Who can sign up for BackerKit?
Anyone with a draft project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo can sign up now! Depending on where you are in your crowdfunding journey, we have the right tools that meet your needs.

Do you need my Kickstarter or Indiegogo username and password?
Yes, you’ll need to provide your crowdfunding platform credentials to properly import and sync your project into BackerKit. We utilize this integration to provide you best the best support for the platform you used for your crowdfunding project.

What about my backers' privacy?
At BackerKit, we take privacy very seriously. We’ll never sell any of your backers’ information, and we keep each project's information completely isolated from other projects. Read more about our privacy policy.

How much does BackerKit cost?
Cost will depend on the service you are using. Learn more about our offerings:

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