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How to relaunch a failed Kickstarter campaign

Posted about 22 hours ago

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Kickstarter provides the aspiring project creator with some sobering statistics on campaign success rates. At the time of this writing, 334,769 projects were launched this year, but only 118,408 successfully reached their funding goals. The success rate stands at 35.76 per cent, a reminder that successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign is hardly a cakewalk. What’s more, a staggering 14 per cent of projects completed campaigns without receiving a single pledge. For many project creators, just getting noticed can be as much of a challenge as meeting the funding goal.

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BackerKit Staff Favorites: Fret Zeppelin, LABFRESH and more!

Posted 3 days ago

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Guitar novices can unleash the rockstar within with Fret Zeppelin, a state-of-the-art, full spectrum LED learning and display system. Rather than play one chord at a time, Fret Zeppelin encourages intuitive playing so you can jam to your favorite tunes straight away. 

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Inflection Point: Lessons from the Turtle Hat

Posted 7 days ago


Inflection Point is the BackerKit blog series that studies crowdfunding campaigns to discover useful tactics for campaign creators. Subscribe to the BackerKit blog here.

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1/9 BackerKit Staff Favorites: Fravel, GoTube, Flippr and more!

Posted 11 days ago

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Need a travel buddy? Miss your pets? Look no further: Fravel has made the world’s cutest carry-on luggage. When you travel with Fravel, it feels like your favorite pet is following close on your heels to help you take the world by storm. Pet her, hug her, and take her on an adventure!

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12/28 BackerKit Staff Favorites: The Alpha Shovel, Stagg EKG and more!

Posted 28 days ago

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The Alpha Shovel is the ultimate all-terrain, indestructible multi-shovel tool for adventurers, handymen, and anyone who needs to clear ground and cut through hard surfaces. The first of its kind, it’s a rake, a hoe, and a shovel for snow and dirt, with unbreakable teeth to penetrate hard pack dirt and snow. It’s a tool to pass down through the generations to come. Dig it.

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