Since our founding, we’ve stayed committed to our vision to make the crowdfunding journey easier and better for all. 

We released the first self-serve pledge management software in crowdfunding 10 years ago. Since then, we’ve worked with creators and backers to continue developing tools and services – like BackerKit Launch, BackerKit Marketing, and most recently, our new crowdfunding platform, BackerKit Crowdfunding – to realize that vision.

This is why we’re thrilled to share that in less than two years since its launch, BackerKit Crowdfunding – which unifies all of our offerings in one platform – is our fastest-growing product to date. 

As we prepare for 2024, we wanted to reflect on a few milestones that mark our journey so far and demonstrate the strong support of our growing creator and backer community that is at the heart of it all.

2023 BackerKit Crowdfunding Milestones 🌟 

This year, BackerKit Crowdfunding experienced a: 

    • 4x growth in projects launched year over year.
    • 3x growth in total funds raised year over year. 
    • 90% crowdfund success rate. 9 out of 10 projects launched on BackerKit Crowdfunding reached their funding goal.

With an influx of new creators and backers to BackerKit in 2023, we saw a tripling of growth in total funds raised and a quadrupling of projects launched on our platform. And while the volume of projects launched on BackerKit rose significantly, our creators still achieved an industry-high 90% success rate.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results and overall response to our new crowdfunding platform – and we have you, our community, to thank. 

We built BackerKit Crowdfunding from the ground up, collaborating with creators and backers when our product was in beta to make sure we offered a platform that not only made crowdfunding more fun for everyone but also gave creators a better chance at getting funded – empowering them to launch more than a project, and launch a creative life. 

We’re still on the path to achieving these ambitious goals, but these milestones serve as strong signals that we’re headed in the right direction. Thank you for joining us in the journey and we look forward to what we’ll achieve together next. 

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Creators are breaking industry records on BackerKit 💪

The expansion of our talented creator community is a key growth driver for BackerKit Crowdfunding. Here are just a few of the standout creators who launched their campaign on BackerKit in 2023 and reached their own personal bests while breaking some crowdfunding records in the process:

THE AMORY WARS Returns With NO WORLD FOR TOMORROW by Boom Studios titleThe Amory Wars returns with No World For Tomorrow by BOOM! Studios – Comics

BOOM! Studios launched what they described as the “hotly anticipated next chapter and penultimate chapter of THE AMORY WARS comic book saga.” It was so hotly anticipated that it raised $952,216 through the support of 6,711 backers and broke some first-day records in the process. This project is now the:

    • #6 Most funded comic of all time 
    • #3 Most funded campaigns for BOOM! Studios 
    • #2 Most funded comic campaign on BackerKit Crowdfunding
    • #7 Most funded campaign on BackerKit Crowdfunding
    • #1 Biggest Day-1 total ever for BOOM! Studios, raising over $593,766 in the first 24 hours
    • #6 Day-1 total on BackerKit Crowdfunding 
    • The fastest funded project for BOOM! Studios. Funded in just 2 minutes!

BOOM! Studios has been a BackerKit customer since 2020. Amory Wars is their 1st project on BackerKit Crowdfunding.

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lackadaisy by iron circus image of cats and plushiseLackadaisy by Iron Circus – Animation

Iron Circus has been crowdfunding for nearly 15 years and is a five-time BackerKit Crowdfunding creator. Their 2023 Lackadaisy crowdfund campaign to launch the first season of the beloved Lackadaisy webcomic and animation has been their most successful to date, raising $2,008,728 through the power of 16,053 backers. Lackadaisy is now the:

    • #2 Most funded animation of all time
    • #1 Most funded campaign for Iron Circus
    • #1 Most funded comic campaign on BackerKit Crowdfunding 
    • #5 Most funded campaign on BackerKit Crowdfunding
    • #5 Biggest Day-1 total on BackerKit Crowdfunding, raising $600,794 in the first 24 hours

Iron Circus has been a BackerKit customer since 2016. Lackadaisy is their 5th project on BackerKit Crowdfunding.

the mcdm rpg by mcdm image of heroic fantasy knights

The MCDM RPG by MCDM Productions – Role-Playing Game

The MCDM RPG, MCDM’s heroic fantasy RPG and their first original game, broke a few BackerKit records out the gate. As of today, MCDM RPG has raised over $3 million through the support of over 19k backers and is already:

    • #1 Biggest Day-1 total for MCDM Productions ever, raising $2,196,363 in the first 24 hours
    • #1 Biggest Day-1 total on BackerKit Crowdfunding
    • #2 Most funded campaign on BackerKit Crowdfunding
    • #1 Longest Backer Train on BackerKit Crowdfunding in both backer count and length of time. 13,691 backers kept a continuous train of pledges going for 44.5 hours – nearly two days straight!
    • #1 Biggest Launch Party on Backerkit Crowdfunding; over 12k people tuned in to their live launch stream event.

MCDM RPG has been a BackerKit customer since 2019. MCDM RPG is their 2nd project on BackerKit Crowdfunding. 

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Growth in projects of every size and in new fans for repeat creators 📈

We believe every kind of creator of any size can succeed on BackerKit. As we’re thrilled to see some of the most established creators join our crowdfunding platform with chart-topping success, we’re just as proud to watch the growth of our creators across every category launching their very first crowdfund, achieving and leveling up their creative goals, and building new and lasting communities on BackerKit. 

Here are a few notable milestones that highlight the growth and momentum we saw across our creator and backer communities this year. 

    • 19x growth in $1k-10k funded projects YoY
    • 8x growth in funded enamel pins projects YoY
    • 4x growth in the number of backers who backed a creator for the first time YoY

Milestones beyond the numbers 🥳

Crowdfunding thrives on the health and strength of its communities, which is why at BackerKit we’ve prioritized a community-first approach in all that we do.

This year, we released some industry-first tools and initiatives, all aimed at expanding and enhancing the ways creators engage with their backers and fostering a crowdfunding ecosystem where creators and backers are set up for success. Those tools and initiatives include: 

It’s been a banner year for us at BackerKit – a year that would not have been possible without the continued support from you, our creators and backers. Thank you for joining us and helping us shape the future of crowdfunding together. 

Here are just a few events and projects we’re already looking forward to next year:

    • We’ll be at CES in January. Visit us at the Venetian Expo (Eureka Park), Hall G — Booth #60315
    • Join the 3-Day virtual Indie RPG Creator Summit, sponsored by Goodman Games and BackerKit. Save your seat by Dec. 31 for free access to  Day 1 & 2, plus early-bird pricing.  
    • Brandon Sanderson – prolific novelist and the creator of the most successful Kickstarter campaign – is launching his next project, Words of Radiance Leatherbound, on BackerKit in March. Follow the project here >> 

That’s a wrap for 2023, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create in 2024. On behalf of the BackerKit team, we wish you all happy holidays and an inspired new year. 

What’s next? 🚀

2023 turned out to be our best crowdfunding year to date. Now, it’s your turn. 

Make 2024 your best crowdfunding year yet! Save a BackerKit Crowdfunding project before Dec. 31st and get $0 fees on your first $5,000 raised. See full promo details here.