After two successful BackerKit Pintopias, so many members of our community have reached out to us, saying that they’d love to see more “topias.” And we agree! That is why we are thrilled to announce Comictopia — a new collaborative crowdfunding event celebrating comics and graphic novels. Starting July 18th, a diverse group of talented artists and writers will be launching crowdfunding projects simultaneously on BackerKit. They’ll also be working together to bring backers limited edition rewards.

How Does Comictopia Work?

Our first two Pintopias demonstrated the power and excitement of collaborative crowdfunding. Enamel pin artists came together to not only collaborate on designs, but also support and learn from each other. When creators launch together, everyone benefits. Backers and creators who might not have otherwise crossed paths, have the opportunity to connect, as each participant’s community joins the party. At the same time, creators are teaming up to make cool and unique rewards for backers who support multiple projects during the event. We were eager to bring the same excitement to the world of comics.

During Comictopia, 30+ creators will launch individual projects. Each one is paired up with another creator to develop exclusive rewards. Backers who support both projects will unlock two cross-collab rewards when both projects are funded.

The Exquisite Comic: A Limited Edition Backer Incentive

As a special incentive for those who back multiple projects, we are excited to introduce the limited edition “Exquisite Comic.” Based on the idea of the “exquisite corpse” — a method in which artists collectively assemble words or images without knowing what the previous person created — each Comictopia participant will contribute one page, following a loose narrative template provided by BackerKit. These individual strips will be combined to create one glorious comic collection. Stay tuned to find out how to unlock this exclusive comic.

Who’s Participating?

We have an incredible lineup of creators joining us for the inaugural Comictopia, representing a wide range of genres. From Solarpunk and Young Adult Fantasy to Noir, reimagined fairytales and Sci-Fi, there’s something for every comic fan. Participating creators include Dynamite Entertainment, American Mythology Comics, Magnetic Press, RAID Press, and more. Check out the full list here and sign up for updates from your favorite creators.

How Can You Get Involved?

Comictopia runs from July 18th to August 8th. Join us for the launch and make sure to follow along throughout the event as new cross-collab rewards are unlocked.

We’d also love to hear from the crowdfunding creators in our community! Let us know your thoughts and ideas on what events you would like to see next by filling out this survey. Your feedback helps us make future events even better.

We can’t wait to see you at Comictopia!