We are thrilled to unveil our redesigned website. Our new homepage is your portal to innovative projects and talented creators launching on our crowdfunding platform. It showcases how we are enhancing backers’ role in crowdfunding and expanding our support for our creator partners.

Check out BackerKit’s new site to experience our community-focused approach to crowdfunding.


Transforming the creative process into a collective effort 

Crowdfunding has the power to transform projects from solo endeavors into collective efforts. The engagement between a creator and their backers can improve a project’s final output and nurture bonds that pay dividends. 

Seasoned creators get this. They know that backers don’t just fund projects, they help projects succeed by spreading the word; they make products better by providing valuable feedback and asking insightful questions; they breathe life into the communities that make projects memorable; and they are the earliest adopters and often loudest champions for creators.

Last year, we set out to unleash the extraordinary possibilities that arise when creators and backers join forces. Since then, we’ve built a platform that encourages, and often even insists, that creators involve backers in the creative process. In tandem, we’ve developed a set of creator tools to power these collaborations. 

We couldn’t be more excited about the 100-plus projects that have been successfully funded on BackerKit. Our collaboration with these creators has been instrumental in shaping our platform. 

We’d love for you to join us on this journey by backing a project or creating one of your own. 


Portal to our creative community

Our new homepage makes it easy to discover exciting projects, explore engaging backer experiences, or search for specific campaigns. 

backerkit.com website screenshot

The central feed surfaces popular projects, lively discussions, engaging polls, popular community achievements, entertaining live streams, and more. From the discovery panel on the left, you can browse projects by categories and curated selections. To find a specific project or creator, you can use the search bar at the top of the page.

Head over there now to explore the amazing projects and creators in our community. 


Superpowers for backer engagement

The most valuable outcome of a crowdfunding campaign is an engaged community of backers invested in a creator’s success. That’s the driving force behind our focus on providing creators with superpowers for backer engagement. 

Here is an intro to some of the tools we’ve been developing:

Polls: the number one driver of backer engagement on our platform, polls allow creators to ask questions to their backers and share their responses. Creators have adopted polls to give backers a voice in shaping projects, elicit input to inform community engagement efforts, and have fun.  

Livestreams: to celebrate important moments with their community, creators can host live events on their project page (or pre-launch page). Mini Museum hosted a launch party that garnered over eight thousand viewers, and Cephalofair’s launch announcement had an impressive showing, with more than twenty thousand participants.

Community Achievements: creators can set secondary goals that are activated when base funding goals are reached. Achievements don’t have to be monetary, they can be based on backer count, pledges to specific reward tiers, social media shares, and more. They can be used to unlock reveals, and rewards, just to name a few. By celebrating collective action, achievements allow creators to gamify backer engagement and keep backers invested throughout the campaign. 

Discussion Threads: to create space for fun, meaningful, and engaging conversations, we organize discussions into threads and provide creators with powerful moderation tools. To get backers to join the conversation as soon as they pledge, creators can even highlight a discussion on the pledge confirmation page


Build the future with us

With the launch of our new site, we have brought into focus our community-driven vision for crowdfunding. And, we have significantly enhanced our ability to power creators’ efforts across their entire journey, from building community to shipping rewards.

Our work is nowhere near done. We are committed to building a platform that improves over time and delivers creator and backer experiences that are better every time. Join us on this journey to create the future of crowdfunding. 

Take the first step today by signing up and backing a project.