JUST LAUNCHED! Book NOTA is a reinvented notebook and personal organizer with flexible modulating features and magnetic binding technology, keeping your ideas organized and your daily carryings simple. It is perfect for brainstorming and presentations that take your creativity to the next level.

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Rivet Wars Reloaded
JUST LAUNCHED! A new faction, new ways to play, new artwork, and so much more.
Project Ironside
Ergonomic design | Dual 24-inch displays | Built-in 1080P webcam and speakers
Secretly assign your crew, go faster than your friends, complete missions, and more! 
Menyr – NEW!
This storytelling engine allows players to create worlds in seconds.
Lying Pirates – NEW!
A first-to-finish dice game for 2-6 players. A thrilling race for the pirate throne!

Woodies Performance Shirt
JUST LAUNCHED! The Next Generation of Shirting. Dynamic stretch and wrinkle-free.
Fugitive Reprint & Run
Fugitive and RUN are quick, tense, hidden movement games of cat-and-mouse.
Wastes of Chaos – JUST LAUNCHED
Wield chaos magic, battle the Black Goat cult, and seize ancient treasure! 
Mammoth Chronicles – FINAL 48HRS
131 Premium STL miniatures made for 8 High-quality 5E adventures + so much more!
Winchester Mystery House
JUST LAUNCHED! The officially licensed Backerkit-Exclusive Centennial Edition!

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