Crowdfunding Favorites

The Duo Cover is a next-generation microwave device giving you the following super powers:
  • Moist leftovers, every time.
  • Chef-approved meals in half the time.
  • Sparkling clean microwave — no more gross splatter.
  • Finger protection (think: pot holder) for when dishes get hot in the microwave.

Vaesen RPG
Face the mythic creatures of Britain and Ireland in this expansion to Vaesen.
Tech-B – Just Launched!
Fast jeans button device for every traveller.  Titanium urban pocket staff customization.
Join Mister. Torgue for CARNAGE, MAYHEM, LOOT, and EXPLOSIONS in this co-op game!
Cyberforce Collection Vol 1
New! Cyberforce is back in this hardcover collection of the original 90s stories.
Titans Terrain
Pop-up terrain for tabletop games like Warhammer. Easy, fast, and affordable.
MANTALON Pants – New!
The most comfortable, high quality and eco-friendly stylish pants that grow with you.
TourBox Elite Controller
Delivers an intuitive editing experience and accelerates your workflow. #photographers
Mondgo – Sleepwear
Cold mint and soft bamboo are combined together to create cooling sleepwear.
Stunning Interstellar objects encapsulated into resin dome and stainless body.
Carry your DSLM & DSLR camera more comfortably than ever.
Shower Scrubber by Casamera
Double-sided, charcoal-infused, 100% plant-based, and an absolute lathering machine.
The most convenient EDC hex bit screwdriver. And it’s double-loaded
NanoPen 02
Functional, minimal & tactical. A portable & extremely durable keychain pen.
The Panda Controller
12K backers! Introducing the next evolution of the 20-year-old GameCube controller.

Facebook Ads + Kickstarter

You’re invited to a new livestream all about how to run Facebook lead ads to generate interest for your upcoming Kickstarter launch. RSVPs now open!

Launch Studio Joins the BackerKit Team
We’re thrilled to announce that Launch Studio, a Kickstarter Masterclass built for design & technology crowdfunders, has joined the BackerKit team.





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