FLEXY is the new multipurpose backpack for your adventures. Premium material is used in every possible way to make Flexy the best all in one bag. It has all the benefits of a duffle, travel backpack, plus the unbeatable portability and minimalist design of a daily backpack. One backpack, every possibility. Go from everyday to everywhere. That’s Flexy!

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SAW: The Jigsaw Trials
Try to keep hold of your limbs in a new tabletop game based on the SAW films.

Modular 3D Printer Enclosure
JUST LAUNCHED! Modular printable enclosure for your FDM or Resin 3D Printer.

Adventure Hoodie
The most funded hoodie EVER on Kickstarter is back – and better than ever!

Elyse’s Guide to Magic
Bring the magic of Dragonbond to your DnD games.

The Honeycomb
The take apart, put together metal puzzle designed by Oskar van Deventer.

Holotype: Mesozoic Europe
European dinos and formations, crocs, bone beds and new mechanics!

TMNT and Other Strangeness
The best-selling role-playing game is back, in beautiful full color with new art.

A 80+ full color book of exciting action scenes, epic storylines and stunning artwork.

What We Possess
A card-run GM-less experience. Set the scene for the living, then the dead.

Engineered to deliver precise water, tailored to your plants’ needs.

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