Meticulous Espresso.
24 HOURS LEFT! Introducing Meticulous Espresso, the world’s first robotic lever espresso machine that brings the instincts of a barista into your home. With Meticulous Espresso, you can now pull the perfect shot every time and make the art of great espresso accessible to everyone.
Sleeper Hold
Travel in complete comfort with our revolutionary travel pillow, designed to eliminate the discomfort of “bobblehead” during travel. Perfect for frequent travelers who value comfort, this pillow provides maximum support to help you say goodbye to aches and pains.

Tenebrae Nightmares of Ylia
JUST LAUNCHED! Enter the captivating world of Tenebrae – Nightmares of Ylia, the follow-up campaign to Fate of Asteria. KIMERA KOLORS offers acrylic paints, accessories, and miniatures for RPG gamers, painters, and collectors. Join us now in this dark gothic fantasy adventure.
Modular Display Case – 3D Printable
Transform the way you exhibit your collectibles with the revolutionary Omni 3D printing display system. With modular and customizable design, it’s perfect for showcasing miniatures, board games, and more, and its sleek modern aesthetic will elevate your display to the next level.

Mini Museum’s largest collection ever is LIVE on BackerKit—34 specimens. 4.56 billion years. 1 collection.

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