Crowdfunding Favorites

Just Launched! Old-School Essentials is an award-winning role-playing game of fantastic adventure, monsters, and magic published by Exalted Funeral and Necrotic Gnome. Get two deluxe boxes of monsters, magic, wonder, and peril. 100% old-school rules, 100% modern design.

One Man Guitar Band Made Possible. Multi & Original Sound Recording. 
Tang Garden: Seasons
The last expansion for Tang Garden. Observing the seasons changing in this game
The most revolutionary underwear on Earth. A new kind of underwear with 10 features
Naturally beautiful card drafting, engine building, and more – in 45 to 90 minutes.
The soap revolution is in your hand. A planet-friendly soap holder to use as a sponge.
Deep Rock Galactic
1-4 player co-op action cavecrawler based on the popular video game Deep Rock Galactic. 
Mofu is a Japanese-inspired, cotton blanket that uses sleep technology to reduce stress.
Astro Inferno
A beyond Grim Dark TTRPG of Epic violence & fantastic Despair.
AIRmini – Ends Tonight!
Up to 4TB storage, waterproof & 2200MB/s of speed. Wireless data sharing 2+ devices.
Epoch Tiles – Final 24 Hours!
Elevate your DnD, TTRPG, & more with these patent-pending, magnetic terrain tiles.
Cyran’s Marketplace – New!!
A new supplement for DnD 5E, exploring and expanding the world of commerce.
FatesEnd Furhaven – 5e Setting, Beginner RPG & 3D printables from Aloria.
CoDrone EDU
Made for education, both home & in school. Programmable in Blockly & Python.
Mail Time – New!!
A cozy cottagecore  adventure game about delivering mail to forest animals!
Tech Bands™
Supple Italian Leather straps made with an Aramid Armour™ core stronger than Steel. 
Shower TO-GO
Have a Shower stream available anywhere with the Shower TO-GO! For camping & more
Modular magnetic titanium tools. Carry what you need, leave behind the rest.
ZYLCH, a zero-waste cup
A pocket-sized collapsible double-walled stainless steel cup that is 100% leakproof!

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