NEW! The Sleeper Hold is a travel pillow that actually works! By gently supporting your head, this thing prevents “bobblehead” better than anything we’ve ever seen; and it works on airplanes, trains, cars, office chairs and more! Sleeper Hold was fully funded in 1 hour and has raised well over $200,000. Get your Sleeper Hold for up to 60% off for a limited time!

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Cities of Venus – NEW!
A Euro Board Game where players establish floating cities in the clouds of Venus!
A world of excitement and wonder with Koa & Napopo, available on all consoles & Steam!
Help bring this epic of unparalleled detail and artistry to comic book shops!
Eversong – The Hidden City
3D Printable STL Files, Terrain for Tabletop, Role Playing Games, Wargames and RPG.

Simplify packing and keep valuables safe with self-adhesive outdoor photo gear.
BARE Cookware 4.0
Experience the joy of cooking with durable, high-quality steel pans.
Dark Hunters Tarot
A readable 84+ card deck designed by pro tarot readers.
Writing tools crafted from WWII Battleship Decking.

On May 5th, Mini Museum brings its largest collection ever to BackerKit: 4.56 billion years. 34 specimens. 5 campaign exclusives. 1 brilliant collection.⁠

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