Crowdfunding Favorites

The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is the world’s most productive tape measure delivering fast, accurate, and forget-free measurements with robust digital measuring technology. A live view, OLED display, shows measurements of the tape measure, digitally, in both English and metric units.  

Surprise! Four Secret Novels
$31.3M raised so far! Brandon Sanderson is back with 4 secret books and swag boxes. Back now on Kickstarter!
Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar – JUST LAUNCHED!
A Legacy Game in 12 Thrilling Adventures by Acclaimed Studio Prospero Hall
SVBS | Revolutionary Boxers
The most revolutionary underwear on Earth. A new kind of underwear with 10 features.
Casting Shadows
JUST LAUNCHED! A new game from the creators of Unstable Unicorns & Here to Slay!
4 Top Design Awards Winner | Patented Shaft Drive Technology|Foldable Design
Tidal Blades 2 -JUST LAUNCHED
A dungeon-crawl board game + RPG core book. The standalone sequel to Tidal Blades.
OCTO 18-in-1 Carabiner – NEW!
An easily accessible tool kit, part of your everyday carry. Made from Titanium.
Yazeba’s Bed & Breakfast
JUST LAUNCHED! A slice-of-life tabletop role-playing game full of magic, and wonder.
Michael Turner’s SOULFIRE
NEW! A Brand New 40-page HISTORIC Soulfire Event!
Bergin’s Book of Beasts – NEW
200+ new beasts and new beast-flavored subclasses for your DnD 5e adventures.
Larger full HD display | 85% screen-to-body ratio | Smaller magnet system | 4 new colors
GigaWatt – NEW!
A strategic 1-6 player game of Technology, Investing, Trading and Auctions.
Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint
FINAL DAYS! 1-4 player, co-op, sci-fi dungeon crawler where players fight aliens.
Ages of Cataria FINAL 24 HRS!
Experience Cataria through real-time, choose-your-own-adventure!
Furhaven – FINAL DAYS!
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MINDSCAPES: A Tarot Panorama
FINAL 24 HOURS! The Visionary Tarot Deck For Our Time.
Cthulhu Awakens RPG
FINAL DAYS! Inclusive Mythos roleplaying across the Weird Century. Standalone RPG. 
Snoppa Rover – FINAL 24 HRS!
Electric Stabilization | Preprogrammed Movement | Precise Speed Control & more.

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