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 Crowdfunding Favorites

Deliverance is a cooperative tactical adventure board game for 1 to 4 players about angels, demons, and the saints caught between. Take on the role of elite angelic warriors and discover the mystery of the demonic obsession with the small town of Fallbrook. Deliverance has a rich theme intricately woven into the gameplay, and offers a story-driven Campaign and highly replayable Skirmish mode! 

Forests of Pangaia
Just Launched! An enchanting board game for 2-4P about growing a magical forest.
Scarface 1920
Just Launched! Competitive mafia board game set in Chicago in the roaring 20s.
Isle of Cats & Expansions
Return to The Isle of Cats in new boats, rescue the forgotten kittens, and more.
The Binding of Isaac
The massive expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls with exclusive merch.
Heroes of Barcadia
A pun-tastic, tile-based, party tabletop game with a liquid twist.
Witches & Wizards Dice
Unique handmade resin dice for tabletop games, and RPGs!
A cooperative, dice-rolling board game of paranormal investigation for 1-4 players.
Robot Quest – Ending Soon!
An arena battle game with awesome robot minis from the creators of Star Realms!
Sheep in Disguise
Ending Soon! A vibrant and strategic party game for 2-6 players.
An interactive, handcrafted puzzle box and a creative gift box. Solve the fantastic riddle.
Blood Sword 5e
Just Launched! A merciless and grimdark campaign setting for the 5th Edition.
Defiant RPG – Just Launched!
An urban fantasy TTRPG about fallen angels, demons, ancient gods, and dragons.

Interview: The Alleyman’s Tarot

We recently spoke with The Alleyman’s Tarot creator Seven Dane Asmund, about their new tarot deck, their crowdfunding journey, and breaking a Kickstarter record.

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